Battle Pass 2022 – How to Win with a Fuzzy Utility Hero in Cavern Crawl 

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Battle Pass 2022 – How to Win with a Fuzzy Utility Hero in Cavern Crawl 

You can use these advanced strategies to complete the How to Win with a Fuzzy Utility Hero challenge in Cavern Crawl during Battle Pass 2022.

Battle Pass 2022 offers Dota 2 players loads of rewards that make their games more appealing. You can level up with the Battle Pass 2022 to unlock brand new arcanas for the Primal Beast, Faceless Void, Razor, and Phantom Assassin. 

Take part in Weekly Quests to earn bonus battle points to obtain exclusive sprays, Immortal Treasures, emoticons, and item effects. Battle Pass 2022 has brought a spectacular new edition of Cavern Crawl to keep players engaged in battle. 

The challenges in Cavern Crawl can be completed to achieve Mythical sets for Slardar, Juggernaut, and Crystal Maiden. You’re likely to come across the How to Win with a Fuzzy Utility Hero challenge while progressing through Cavern Crawl. Take a look at these hero guides to help you clear the How to Win with a Fuzzy Utility Hero challenge in Cavern Crawl during Battle Pass 2022. 


Brewmaster prepares for battle

Brewmaster is a melee hero who can ignite his enemies and slow their movement speed in battle. Players who prefer to play the tank role in their team can pick Brewmaster to start fights in the game. Brewmaster is an excellent initiator capable of wrecking waves of creeps and enemy heroes with his spells. 

The Strength hero has a base movement speed of 310 and base armor of 2.2. He has base stats of 23 Strength, 19 Agility, and 15 Intelligence. Brewmaster gains 3.7 Strength per level, making him a durable tank hero in the game. He has 660 HP and 225 mana when the game starts. 

The fuzzy utility hero can deal 300 damage to all enemy units in a 400 radius using Thunder Clap. Enemy units hit with Thunder Clap have their movement speed and attack speed reduced by 55% for 4 seconds. Thunder Clap has a cooldown of 13 seconds and needs 120 mana to be cast. 

He can drench creeps and enemy heroes in alcohol using Cinder Brew. You can use Cinder Brew before using Thunder Clap to ignite opponents and cause them to take additional damage. The ignited enemy units take 320 damage and enemy heroes can be pushed back from continuing the battle in lanes. Cinder Brew has a cooldown of 11 seconds and consumes 80 mana. 

A Blink Dagger is a key item for Brewmaster. You can enter battles using the Blink Dagger and dowse enemies with Cinder Brew before igniting them with Thunder Clap. You can purchase a Blink Dagger along with Arcane Boots to have sufficient mana to perform spells after blinking into team fights. 

Brewmaster can use the Drunken Brawler ability in a variety of ways. The Fire Brawler element gives a 24% chance to strike enemies with a critical hit. You can use the Fire Brawler element to hit enemies after blinking in. The Earth Brawler element grants bonus armor and magic resistance. You can use the Earth Brawler ability while taking heavy damage during team fights. 

The Storm Brawler element provides 15% evasion and 5% movement speed increase to the Brewmaster. You can use the Storm Brawler element while escaping from battles. The abilities granted by Drunker Brawler is 3 times stronger after using Cinder Brew. 

Brewmaster’s ulti, Primal Spirit, can be used to split the Strength hero into 3 powerful warriors. Each of these 3 warriors has a specialized skillset that lets you disable enemies. You can easily destroy towers after using Primal Spirit. It also lets you flee battles when you are on the verge of dying. 

Be sure to buy Crimson Guard to increase the durability of Brewmaster. Crimson Guard provides 250 health, 12 health regeneration, and 6 armor to the Strength hero. It has a 60% chance to block 75 damage from incoming attacks. Brewmaster can use the active ability of Crimson Guard to protect his allies and nearby structures from incoming damage as well. 

If there are multiple nukers in the enemy team, you can purchase a Lotus Orb for the Strength Hero. Brewmaster will gain 10 armor, 250 mana, 6.5 health regeneration, and 4 mana regeneration from Lotus Orb. It costs 3850 gold in the game. Lotus Orb can be activated to reflect all targeted spells back to the caster for up to 6 seconds. You’ll have a better shot at finishing the Win with a Fuzzy Utility Hero challenge in Cavern Crawl by equipping these items for the Brewmaster. 


Magnus gets set to Skewer enemies in Dota 2

Magnus is a Strength hero who can reposition his enemies to isolate them in team fights. The melee hero has base attack damage of 57 – 65. He can move about quickly on the map to reach battles on time with a base movement speed of 305. Magnus has 700 HP and 303 mana when you spawn into the game. 

He can send a Shockwave in any direction to deal 300 damage to his enemies. You can kill dozens of creeps in the lane by nuking them with Shockwaves. Each Shockwave has a range of 1400 and enemy units hit by the spell will be pulled toward Magnus momentarily. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds and needs 110 mana to be used. 

Magnus can use Empower on his allies to grant them bonus damage and cleave. Empower can last for up to 35 seconds. It costs 90 mana and has a cooldown of 8 seconds, allowing you to use Empower on more than one teammate in battles. You can use Empower on heroes such as Troll Warlord, Dragon Knight, and Void Spirit to let them farm in jungles and spread the damage dealt to nearby enemy heroes during encounters.  

You can use Skewer to move enemy heroes away from their team. Magnus can use Skewer to drag enemy heroes with him for up to 1125 radius. It deals 350 damage and slows the movement speed of enemies by 50% for 3.3 seconds. It also decreases the attack speed of enemy heroes hit by Skewer by 40%. Skewer has a cooldown of 16 seconds and requires 80 mana.

Magnus can enter battles with Skewer and immediately use his ulti, Reverse Polarity, to stun his opponents. Reverse Polarity pulls all enemy units around Magnus in a 410 radius. It deals 225 damage and stuns enemies for 3.8 seconds. 

Many Dota 2 players who play Magnus equip a Refresher Orb to double the impact of Reverse Polarity. Refresher Orb costs 5000 gold and resets the cooldown of all spells and items after being used. The latest changes made in the 7.32c update do not allow you to use Refresher Orb and Refresher Shard together. 

You can purchase Daedalus for Magnus to increase his attack damage by 88. Daedalus will grant Magnus a 30% chance to deal 225% damage per hit. You can use Empower on Magnus to increase the critical damage dealt by Daedalus. Magnus can help you finish the How to Win with a Fuzzy Utility Hero challenge in Cavern Crawl with Battle Pass 2022.  


Pangolier practices his skills and taunts before the start of a game

Pangolier is an Agility hero who can use his abilities to deal damage and disarm enemies around him. The melee hero has a base attack damage of 51 – 57. He has base movement speed of 300 and base armor of 4. Pangolier has base stats of 18 Agility, 17 Strength, and 16 Intelligence. He gains 3.2 Agility per level. 

The carry hero can dash toward opponents up to a distance of 1000 using Swashbuckle. Enemy units hit by Swashbuckle take 4 hits from Pangolier. Each hit from Swashbuckle deals 85 damage. Swashbuckle has a cooldown of 8 seconds and requires 90 mana. The ability pierces spell immunity.

You can equip Pangolier with Maelstrom for easy creep kills. Swashbuckle has a higher chance of triggering Chain Lightning with its hits. Chain Lightning releases a bolt of lightning that deals 140 damage to 4 enemy units at a time. You can upgrade Maelstrom to Mjollnir or Gleipnir to deal more damage during battles. 

Pangolier can use Shield Crash to slow enemies in a 500 radius. Shield Crash deals 300 damage to all enemy units hit by the spell. Pangolier takes reduced damage from incoming attacks after using Shield Crash for up to 5 seconds. It has a cooldown of 12 seconds and needs 105 mana. 

Lucky Shot is a passive ability that lets Pangolier disarm enemies for up to 4 seconds. The disarmed enemies also have their armor reduced by 8. You can nuke enemy heroes with Swashbuckle to increase the chances of disarming them with Lucky Shot. 

Pangolier can use his ulti, Rolling Thunder, to turn into a ball that is immune to magic. The Agility hero has increased movement speed while Rolling Thunder is active. Enemy units hit by Rolling Thunder take 340 damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Rolling Thunder has a cooldown of 70 seconds and needs 200 mana. You can also use Shield Crash to stun enemies in the Rolling Thunder form.

You can equip items like Desolator and Nullifier to increase the attack damage of Pangolier. Nullifier will provide 80 attack damage to Pangolier and allows him to use its active ability to dispel enemies for up to 5 seconds. Get a Nullifier for Pangolier to improve your chances of completing the How to Win with a Fuzzy Utility Hero challenge in Cavern Crawl.  

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