Battle Pass 2022 – Guide to Completing Weekly Quests for Week 11

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Battle Pass 2022 – Guide to Completing Weekly Quests for Week 11

You can level up faster by using this guide to help you complete Weekly Quests for Week 11 with the Battle Pass 2022. 

People have been enjoying the start of the festive season by playing Diretide. The new seasonal game mode requires you to score Taffy that is collected from Greevils on the Diretide map and put them in the enemy wells. 

Roshan will emerge from his pit and attack the well with the most candies in it. Players are putting in their efforts to get Roshan to destroy the enemy wells to win Diretide games during Part II of the Battle Pass 2022. 

You can complete Weekly Quests that are offered to players every week to gain bonus battle points. These Weekly Quests can help you improve your gameplay and earn more battle points with every match that you play. Take a look at the Weekly Quests that you can finish during Week 11 with the Battle Pass 2022 to unlock robust rewards. 

What Play You – Play 15 games

One of the easiest Weekly Quests that you can try to complete during Week 11 with the Battle Pass 2022 is the What Play You challenge. There are more than a hundred Dota 2 heroes that you can play to learn different techniques to defeat your opponents. 

Teamwork can be an integral part of your strategy while fighting enemy heroes in Dota 2. The matches that you win and lose are both counted for the What You Play Weekly Quest. You can play up to 2 games to earn a star for the What You Play Weekly Quest during Week 11.

Players can play up to 8 games to gain 2 stars for the What You Play Weekly Quest with The Battle Pass 2022. Playing 15 games during Week 11 will provide 3 stars for the What You Play Weekly Quest. You can choose these heroes to have a better chance of winning more games during Week 11. 


Silencer uses Glaives of Wisdom to deal Pure damage in battles

Silencer is a carry hero who can use his Intelligence to deal massive amounts of damage to his enemies. He gains bonus Intelligence with every enemy hero that he kills. The ranged hero has had a remarkable win-rate in the last 30 days. 

The Intelligence hero has 580 HP and 375 mana at the start of the game. He has base stats of 25 Intelligence, 22 Agility, and 19 Strength. Silencer gains 2.9 Intelligence per level. The carry hero has a maximum range of 600 on his physical attacks. 

Silencer can nuke enemy heroes with his spells to deal magical damage throughout the game. He can use Arcane Curse to slow his enemies in a 425 radius. Enemy units affected by Arcane Curse take an initial damage of 100 and an additional 40 damage per second (DPS) for 6 seconds. 

The duration of Arcane Curse is increased for every spell that the enemy hero casts in the game while under the effects of the spell. Enemy units affected by Arcane Curse have their movement speed slowed by 25%. 

Arcane Curse has a cooldown of 14 seconds and consumes 145 mana in the game. You can increase the damage dealt by Arcane Curse through the Talent Tree by reaching level 10. Arcane Curse cannot be dispelled after reaching level 20 in the game. 

Silencer can cast Last Word on enemy heroes to prevent them from using spells during battles. Enemies that are affected by Last Word take base damage of 240. If enemy heroes affected by Last Word cast a spell, they will be silenced for up to 6 seconds. 

Last Word will also deal bonus damage based on the difference in Intelligence between Silencer and the enemy hero that it is cast on. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds and needs 115 mana to be used in the game. 

Last Word can be used to mute enemy heroes at level 25, preventing them from using items to escape team fights. You can also upgrade Last Word into an ability that affects a radius of 500 by purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter. 

Silencer can strengthen his physical attacks with Pure damage by enabling Glaives of Wisdom. The ranged hero gains 2 permanent Intelligence after killing an enemy hero. It helps significantly to take at least one level of Glaives of Wisdom early in the game to boost the Intelligence of Silencer. 

Each physical attack from Silencer that lands on the enemy heroes drains up to 3 Intelligence per hit while Glaives of Wisdom is active. Glaives of Wisdom converts up to 75% of Silencer’s Intelligence to Pure damage. You can increase the damage of Glaives of Wisdom and make the attacks bounce off of nearby enemy units through the Talent Tree. 

His ulti, Global Silence, can be used to silence all enemy units on the map. Global Silence has a duration of 6 seconds, making it a spell that can turn the tide of battle. You can use Global Silence before team fights to gain the upper hand. Global Silence has a cooldown of 100 seconds and consumes 600 mana. You can decrease the cooldown of Global Silence by 25 seconds at level 15. 

You can purchase Rod of Atos to hold enemy heroes in place while attacking them with Silencer. The ranged hero will gain 24 intelligence, 12 Agility, and 12 Strength by equipping Rod of Atos. Silencer can cast Cripple on his opponents by using Rod of Atos in battles. Enemy units affected by Cripple are rooted for 2 seconds. Cripple has a cooldown of 18 seconds and consumes 50 mana in the game. 

Orchid Malevolence can increase the attack speed of Silencer, turning him into a capable carry hero in the game. Silencer will gain 40 attack speed, 30 attack damage, and 3 mana regeneration. Orchid Malevolence allows Silencer to use Soul Burn, an active ability that silences an enemy unit for up to 5 seconds. Enemy units affected by Soul Burn take 30% additional damage from hits. Soul Burn has a cooldown of 18 seconds and consumes 100 mana. 

Silencer is an Intelligence hero who can help you win more matches. You can play a few games with Silencer to earn more stars for the What Play You Weekly Quest during Week 11 with the Battle Pass 2022.  

Legion Commander

Legion Commander takes charge of the battle

Legion Commander is a feared carry hero in Dota 2. She can gain a staggering amount of attack damage from her Duels to defeat her enemies in combat. The melee hero can use the number of enemies to her advantage with her spells. She can also heal her allies in the battles to help them last longer during team fights. 

The melee hero has 700 HP and 315 mana after spawning in the game. She has base stats of 25 Strength, 20 Intelligence, and 18 Agility. Legion Commander gains 3.3 Strength per level. She has a base attack damage of 60 – 64 that lets her take last hits more easily while farming in the lanes. 

Legion Commander has a base movement speed of 330. You can purchase Phase Boots to increase the movement speed of Legion Commander by 45, armor by 4, and provide bonus damage of 18. Phase Boots costs 1500 gold in the game. 

You can farm faster in the off lane with Legion Commander. The Secret Shop is close to the off lane, letting players buy Ring of Health and other items to boost their health regeneration rate. The melee hero can kill ancient creeps near the off lane to gain bonus gold between waves of enemy creeps. 

Players can use Overwhelming Odds when they are outnumbered by enemy units in the lane. Overwhelming Odds deal base damage of 125. Each enemy creep caught in Overwhelming Odds adds 20 damage and every enemy hero adds 125 damage. 

Legion Commander gains bonus movement speed and armor for every enemy unit affected by Overwhelming Odds. The additional armor and movement speed gained from the spell lasts for 15 seconds. Overwhelming Odds has a cooldown of 15 seconds and consumes 130 mana. 

Moment of Courage is a passive ability that lets Legion Commander counter physical attacks and gain bonus Lifesteal per hit. The melee hero has a 25% chance to counter any damage taken from attacks and restores health up to 85% of her attack damage. The passive ability has a cooldown of 0.7 seconds. 

She can use Press the Attack to recover 60 health per second. Legion Commander gains up to 140 bonus attack speed for 5 seconds. Press the Attack has a cooldown of 13 seconds and needs 110 mana to be used in the game. You can also use Press the Attack on allies to replenish their health during battles. 

Her ulti, Duel, lets Legion Commander force enemy heroes to attack her for up to 5.5 seconds. Legion Commander gains a permanent attack damage of 30 for every successful Duel by killing the enemy hero before the duration of her ulti ends. Duel has a cooldown of 50 seconds and needs 75 mana. You can increase the damage gained from Duels at level 10 through the Talent Tree. 

You can purchase a Blade Mail to return the incoming damage to enemy heroes while Duel is active. Blade Mail costs 2100 gold in the game. The item provides 28 attack damage and 6 armor to the melee hero. You can easily accomplish the What Play You Weekly Quest with Legion Commander in Dota 2. 

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