Battle Pass 2022 – Easiest Weekly Quests for Week 10

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Battle Pass 2022 – Easiest Weekly Quests for Week 10

You can tackle these Weekly Quests for easy battle points during Week 10 with the Battle Pass 2022.

People are pouring in hours of gameplay to earn more battle points with the Battle Pass 2022 to add exquisite items to their collection. Gamers can play the newly released Diretide game mode to score Taffy and help Roshan destroy the enemy wells. 

You can also complete the Weekly Quests to gain additional battle points. Weekly Quests are specific challenges that you can finish by putting your skills to the test. Take a look at the easiest Weekly Quests that you can accomplish during Week 10. 

Candy Vandal – Score 150 Taffy in enemy wells

Diretide is the latest game mode that is available to play with Part II of the Battle Pass 2022. The new game mode lets you attack greevils to collect Taffy and score them in the enemy wells. Roshan will scour the map to find the well with the most Taffy and destroy it. 

Each team has a total of 4 wells in Diretide mode. The first team to lose all of their wells to Roshan will lose the Diretide match. You can score a minimum of 15 Taffy to earn a star for the Candy Vandal Weekly Quest during Week 10. 

Score 30 Taffy to get 2 stars for the Candy Vandal Weekly Quest. You can score 60 Taffy to gain 3 stars, 90 Taffy to get 4 stars, and 150 Taffy to score 5 stars. Here are the heroes that help you collect the most Taffy in Diretide mode. 


Axe destroy his enemies in battle

Axe is a durable tank hero in Dota 2. The Diretide mode presents a tough challenge for newcomers as you might get attacked by enemy heroes, Roshan, and neutral creeps in the game. Axe has the right skill sets to take incoming damage without dying during the Diretide matches. 

You can level up Berserker’s Call to attack multiple greevils at once. Greevils are usually found walking in a straight line near the center of the map. Axe can use Berserker’s Call to attack all greevils in a 300 radius for 3.2 seconds. The Strength hero will gain 25 bonus armor for the duration of the spell, allowing him to tank damage from enemy heroes while collecting Taffy. 

Counter Helix is a useful ability that has a 20% chance to deal Pure damage to nearby enemies when being attacked. All enemy units in a 275 radius will take 180 Pure damage after triggering Counter Helix in battles. Team fights are frequent in Diretide matches and will require Axe to be prepared to enter battles to protect his allies. 

Vanguard is an item that will increase the durability of Axe in Diretide games. You can buy a Vanguard for 1825 gold in the game. Axe will gain 250 health and 7 health regeneration with Vanguard. It has a 60% chance to block 64 damage from incoming attacks for melee heroes. 

Blade Mail can strengthen the core capabilities of Axe. The melee hero will gain 28 attack damage and 6 armor. You can activate Blade Mail to return up to 80% of incoming damage back to enemy units for 5.5 seconds. Blade Mail has a cooldown of 25 seconds and requires 25 mana. The item can be purchased for 2100 gold in the game. 

Axe’s ulti, Culling Blade, deals 450 Pure damage to enemy units. You can gain up to 2 armor as a permanent bonus by killing enemy heroes with Culling Blade. All nearby allies in a 900 radius will gain bonus movement speed and attack speed for 6 seconds when an enemy hero is killed by Axe’s ulti. It will help your team escape Roshan’s wrath while he roams around the map in Diretide matches.  

Dark Seer

Dark Seer casts Vacuum to pull enemies

Dark Seer is an Intelligence hero who can use his abilities to assist his team in battles. He can cast spells that can pull enemies heroes into a Vacuum and create illusions of them to use the strength of his opponents against them. Dark Seer can also save the life of his teammates by increasing their movement speed during team fights. 

Ion Shell can be cast on allies who are better at tanking. Dark Seer can deal up to 90 damage per second (DPS) for 30 seconds by casting Ion Shell on his allies. It can be easier to collect Taffy while Ion Shell is active. Strength heroes can attack greevils with Ion Shell on them to increase the number of Taffy gathered in Diretide mode. 

All enemy units in a 275 radius take damage when they are around allies with Ion Shell on them. Ion Shell has a cooldown of 9 seconds, letting Dark Seer cast his abilities on multiple allies in a minute. Ion Shell needs 140 mana to be cast in the game. You can increase the radius and damage of Ion Shell through the Talent Tree by leveling up. 

Dark Seer can cast Surge on his teammates to help them run away from Roshan in Diretide mode. Roshan can deal high amounts of damage in Diretide mode and can be hard to evade when he comes charging at you. Surge will grant maximum movement speed to his allies for up to 6 seconds, letting them flee from Roshan without taking damage or getting killed. Dark Seer can cast Surge once every 9 seconds and it consumes 50 mana per cast. 

You can cast Dark Seer’s ulti, Wall of Replica, to create a wall of light. All enemy heroes that pass through the Wall of Replica will have illusions created of themselves that deal 100% of their attack damage. Dark Seer can drag enemies into the Wall of Replica by casting Vacuum. Wall of Replica can last for 30 seconds. It has a cooldown of 100 seconds and needs 375 mana in the game. 

Lotus Orb can protect Dark Seer from magical spells during team fights in Diretide mode. Dark Seer can use Lotus Orb to reflect targeted spells back to enemy heroes who cast them for 6 seconds. It has a cooldown of 15 seconds and requires 175 mana in the game. Lotus Orb will provide 10 armor, 6.5 health regeneration, 250 mana, and 4 mana regeneration. You can equip Lotus Orb for 3850 gold in the game.  

The support hero can purchase a Guardian Greaves for 5050 gold. Dark Seer will be able to replenish 350 health and 200 mana to his allies in a 1200 radius with Guardian Greaves. The item has a cooldown of 40 seconds. You can use Guardian Greaves to guard your teammates against Roshan and enemy heroes in Diretide mode. Dark Seer can help you collect Taffy faster to earn more stars for the Candy Vandal Weekly Quest during Week 10 with the Battle Pass 2022. 

Two to Tango – Give 18 Tangos to allies

Tango is a consumable item that costs 90 gold in the game. You’ll get 3 charges of Tango every time you purchase the item. Each charge of Tango can increase your health regeneration rate by 7 for 16 seconds when consumed. You can consume a tree that you planted using an Iron Branch to double the amount of health recovered. 

You can give your ally a Tango to help them heal faster in Dota 2. You can target allies with a Tango to give them a charge of the consumable item. You can give 3 Tangos to earn a star for the Two to Tango Weekly Quest during Week 10 with the Battle Pass 2022. 

Giving 9 Tangos will provide 2 stars and giving 18 Tangos will provide 3 stars for the Two to Tango Weekly Quest. Take a look at the heroes who can help you easily accomplish the Two to Tango Weekly Quest during Week 10. 

Nature’s Prophet 

Nature's Prophet looks optimistic in battle

Nature’s Prophet is a support hero who can teleport to the right location at the right time. You can carry Tango charges with you before teleporting to accelerate the health regeneration rate of your allies with Nature’s Prophet. 

The Intelligence hero can cast Sprout to surround a target unit with trees. Sprout can be used to instantly consume a Tango during times of need. Trees that are created by Sprout last for up to 6 seconds. Sprout has a cast range of 850. It has a cooldown of 8 seconds and requires 130 mana. 

If you don’t consume the trees that are Sprouted using Tangos, you can use Nature’s Call to turn the tree into Treants. Nature’s Prophet can summon up to 5 Treants using Nature’s Call. The summoned Treants have 550 health and deal 42 attack damage per hit. 

Treants created with Nature’s Call can last for 60 seconds. Nature’s Call has a cooldown of 37 seconds and needs 150 mana to be cast. You can increase the number of Treants summoned, their health, and their attack damage through the Talent Tree. 

Nature’s Prophet can move to any location on the map using Teleportation. It can take up to 3 seconds to cast Teleportation and has a 20 second cooldown. You can remove the cooldown of Teleportation by reaching level 25 in the game. Teleportation consumes 50 mana. 

You can hold more Tangos throughout the game to earn more stars for the Two to Tango Weekly Quest during Week 10. Nature’s Prophet can also push lanes faster while his teammates heal using Tango charges that he provides in the game. 

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