Ballantines Dota 2 Collab – Dota 2-themed Whiskey in China

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Ballantines Dota 2 Collab – Dota 2-themed Whiskey in China

Let’s learn more details about the Ballantines Dota 2 collab. Click to find out additional details about the Dota 2-themed whiskey in China.

It is hard to believe that our favorite game is 10 years old. Dota 2 revolutionized the eSports scene and got millions of players worldwide. In order to celebrate the game’s anniversary, the people behind Dota teamed up with Ballentines. Consequently, there is a Ballantimes Dota 2 collab that allows people to purchase Dota 2- 2-themed whiskey bottles. 

Ballantines Dota 2 Colab

In order to celebrate Dota 2’s 10-year anniversary, people with the legal drinking age will be able to buy two limited edition whiskey bottles. What’s interesting is that this will only be available in China, and there will be a wide range of Dota 2 heroes. This will most likely be a collector's piece and something that will go down in history because it will be available for a limited time only.

In addition to the whiskey bottles, Valve will also release a special short movie. As you have probably guessed, the latter will be based around the whiskey, and it will include Dota 2 heroes trying to get to it.

Ballantines in eSports

Some of you may not know, but this is not Ballentines’s first venture into the eSports industry. In fact, the brand teamed up with Tundra Esports for TI 12, and it played a key role in some of the biggest CS events, such as the Paris Major.

In addition to the Ballentines Dota 2 collab, we may see other bands from this industry step up their game. For example, Heineken, one of the largest beer manufacturers, works with Riot Games and even became the official sponsor of several tournaments. The same applies to Jagermeister because the brand sponsors G2 Esports.

It will be interesting what’s going to happen with the Ballentines Dota 2 collab in the future. Since Valve said that there won’t be a new DPC, we can expect some of the big brands from various businesses to invest in eSports because they realize that this is becoming more popular every day.

Ballantines Dota 2 Collab – Dota 2-themed Whiskey in China
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