Ashoka Tano Fortnite Skin – All 9 Quests to Get Bonus Skin

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Ashoka Tano Fortnite Skin – All 9 Quests to Get Bonus Skin

The Ashoka Tano Fortnite skin is now available! This is how you can get the skin and complete all of the Ashoka quests Fortnite has this season.

Fortnite’s latest update has unlocked a brand new Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass skin! Along with bringing the Star Wars items back into the game for the newest season, we’ve also got a fresh skin to work towards too. Like in any other BP though, the bonus skin isn’t just handed over for getting to level 100. Even if you’ve already maxed out the Battle Pass, you’ll need to put a bit of work in to unlock Ashoka in Fortnite!

As the Bonus skin, the Fortnite Ashoka skin is unlockable in an entirely separate page to the rest of the Battle Pass. If you have the premium Battle Pass purchased, you’ll be able to open up this page and see all of the rewards. Each of these is awarded for completing a single quest with the skin itself unlocked for getting through everything.

If you want to get the Ashoka Fortnite skin, you’ll need to get through these quests before the season’s over. Plus, you need to buy the battle Pass or cashing in some free v-bucks first too. If you want to get the skin unlocked nice and early so you can actually use Ashoka’s lightsaber along with its matching skin. We’ll run you thorugh how all of the quests work and what you need to do to unlock the Ashoka Tano Fortnite skin.

Ashoka Tano Fortnite Skin – All Cosmetics and Rewards

As the bonus skin for Chapter 4 Season 4 we’re getting more than just Ashoka. She’s getting two pages of different cosmetics that you can unlock. For a lot of fans, they’ll be a let down with one of the rewards though, the pickaxe.

Epic has always issued these strange pickaxes with Star Wars characters. Rather than getting their lightsabers as would make sense we instead get random tools themed around them. Unfortunately, the trend hasn’t been broken by the Fortnite Ashoka skin, but we do have some cool extra cosmetics unlocking. This is everything you can grab:

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Ashoka tano fortnite

  • Loading Screen
  • Banner Icon
  • Pickaxe
  • Spray
  • Emoticon
  • Back Bling
  • Wrap
  • Emote
  • Ashoka Tano Outfit

How can you get all of these cosmetics though? You’ll have to complete the Ashoka quests Fortnite has for them to unlock the bonus skin.

Ashoka Quests Fortnite

Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Relentless Retreat or Breakwater Bay (x3)

A simple fetch item quest. Mark this quest in your tracker and head to either of these (they can even be a C4 S4 landing spot to get it done early. Then you should see their rough locations marked on your minimap to head over and hit collect.

Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Kenjutsu Crossing or Slappy Shores (x3)

The next Ashoka Tano Fortnite quest is the same task. It’s another three tokens which you can grab in the same way.

Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Sanguine Suites or Rumble Ruins (x3)

This is another one, located on the western side of Sanguine Suites, near the quickest entry to this C4 S4 vault.

Gain Shields (1000)

Ashoka tano fortnite

The next Ashoka quests in Fortnite is a little simpler, just use healing items to get 1000 shields over the course of a few games. This one is easiest to complete just as you play. Getting to full shield in each game will get this quest done in around 10 games.

Be the First Player to Land, Search a Chest, or Eliminate a Player – Fortnite Ashoka Quests

This is a bit of a trickier one! You’ve got land first. Search a chest first, or get an elim first. Any of these tasks will do. How do you get it done? The easiest way is to pay attention to your landing. Jump immediately from the Battle Bus and aim for the lowest spot. Once your glider pops out, glide over to the nearest bit of higher ground and open the first chest you see. With a few attempts or a bit of luck, you should manage to sneak first this way. It is maybe the toughest of the Ashoka Tano Fortnite quests though.

Survive Storm Circles While Carrying a Weapon of Legendary Rarity of Higher (5)

This quest requires you to hold a legendary or mythic item through five storm circles. Not that tricky in the current season. There is simple way to get it done. Land at a vault, do one of the Fortnite heists to get a C4 S4 Mythic, then survive as many storm circles as possible. You should get it done in a game or two.

Damage Opponents with a Melee Weapon

This Fortnite Ashoka quest unlocks a pickaxe, fitting for a melee-based quest. For this one, you’ll want to do it sooner than later. While we have the Star War lightsabers in the game it’s going to be easy to get done. Once the Force Rifts open up, head over to one and collect a lightsaber, then deal 250 damage with it. Once the lightsabers leaves the game this could get trickier, but some recent leaks point towards the Kinetic Blade coming back which could work too.

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Complete a Job from the Job Board

For this one of the Ashoka Quests Fortnite has, all you need to do is head to a job board, take a job, then complete it. Recently Epic introduced different jobs other than just elims, so this should be simple for players to get it done. Often it’s as easy as opening a few chests.

Damage Opponents Farther than 20 Meters (1,500)

Another slighter tougher Ashoka Tano Fortnite quest. It doesn’t require too much strategy though. Players will need to grab a long-range weapons and just try to rely on it throughout games. You don’t have to confirm kills with a DMR or Sniper, but you do have to deal damage! The Mythic MK might be the easiest weapon to use this for right now.

Those are all of the quests, get these done and everything from the Fortnite Ashoka skin should unlock in-game!

Why Doesn’t Ashoka Have a Lightsaber Pickaxe?

Ashoka tano fortnite

One thing that always irritates some players with Star Wars skins are the weird pickaxes. Why can’t we get lightsabers? While we don’t know for certain why Epic doesn’t do lightsaber pickaxes, we can make a pretty good guess. Pay to win Cosmetics.

The lightsaber as an item in-game works pretty differently. When you’re using it, characters adopt a different stance and you can clearly see it. Basically, when an opponent has a lgihtsaber you can instantly tell and you react accordingly, if you want to win games of Fortnite when they’re in the game at least.

Having a lgihtsaber pickaxe would allow players to mislead others in a lobby by using their pickaxe, some might think it’s actually a lightsaber! These could make the Ashoka quests Fortnite rewards pay to win for those keen on hatching an intel-heavy plan.

That’s likely a part of why we aren’t seeing seeing Fortnite Ashoka pickaxe as a lightsabers. They’d too closely resemble an in-game item which would cause confusion or an unfair advantage. On the other hand, it might be some strange twist of Epic’s licensing for all of tis crossovers. In any case the Ashoka Tano Fortnite skin that we are getting are interesting enough on their own, with plenty of cool items here.

Ashoka Tano Fortnite Skin – All 9 Quests to Get Bonus Skin
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