Apex Legends: Which Legend is The Most Fun to Play With?

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Apex Legends: Which Legend is The Most Fun to Play With?

Apex Legends has some of the best characters in a Battle Royale. We aim to decide which Legend is the Most Fun to Play With

A battle royale rarely has characters filled to the brim with lore. Apex is not one such game. The game has characters filled with personality. Some are sad loners, while others will make a player laugh at their mistakes. They also come with abilities that change the way the game is played.

The personality of the character often is represented through their abilities. The lore of the characters and their abilities make for some unique Legends. Legends that have a fun time gunning down people while giving the player an equally thrilling time. This article aims to rank the top five most fun legends to play with.

Which Legend is the Most Fun?

As mentioned, combining a Legend’s personality and skills decides our top picks. Apex is a game based on teams, and the Legends play a crucial role in making exchanges between players fun. The Legends each have unique quips in-game and other remarks about specific elements.

Legends will also make remarks while thanking their teammates for pointing out an item—these range from simple thank yous to pure resentment.

5. Conduit

Apex Legends: Which Legend is The Most Fun to Play With?

  • Tactical Ability — Radiant Transfer
  • Passive Ability — Savior's Speed
  • Ultimate Ability — Energy Barricade.

The newest Legend in Apex has already made heads turn this season. Fans have loved her jumpy attitude since her introduction during the launch trailer. Conduit shows how fun support Legends can be if done right.
Conduit is always excited to be in a game. She was a fan of the games before she signed up for the competition. She’s always a positive energy in matches, whether helping her fellow squad mates or shooting her enemies down.

Her abilities are also in line with her personality. She provides free shields for her team when they are low using her tactical ability. Additionally, she receives a speed boost when running towards her teammates to assist them. Conduit’s ultimate can also block off enemies and prevent her team from being rushed.

When the abilities are used skillfully, Conduit becomes an enjoyable time to play. She’s constantly quipping with the other Legends and provides terrific support for the team.

4. Fuse

Apex Legends: Which Legend is The Most Fun to Play With?

  • Tactical: Knuckle Cluster
  • Passive: Grenadier
  • Ultimate: The Motherlode

Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy blessed the grounds of Apex with his bombastic presence during season 8. Fuse was hailed as badass since he was first showcased in his Stories from the Outlands. The man walked off, losing his entire right arm in an explosion like a champ on his first appearance. Being an explosives expert, Fuse has a set of abilities ideally suited to him.

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Fuse has a cheeky personality, which is both intimidating and charming. He is very open and is not afraid to critique his teammates. Walter is also highly inspiring. He inspires his teammates while healing them when they are down. Adding onto that, Fuse has some of the best in-game quips, making him one of the funniest characters in the game.

Fuse’s set of abilities is also entertaining to use. His tactical ability features an infinite grenade on a cool-down. This can lead to some chaotic, high-risk-high-reward situations. Additionally, he can constantly pressurize enemies with a constant bombardment of Knuckle Cluster. Besides that, he can carry more grenades than the other legends and throw them further. His Ultimate adds to the chaos by creating literal walls of flame on the battlefield.

3. Mirage

Apex Legends: Which Legend is The Most Fun to Play With?

  • Tactical: Psyche Out
  • Passive: Now You See Me
  • Ultimate: Life of the Party

One of the poster children of Apex, Mirage, is one of the best characters to have a good time with. His carefree personality makes him an instant fan favorite. He never shies away from making jokes, no matter how flat they fall. His easygoing personality and insecurities are represented through his abilities.

Mirage's flamboyant personality is a performance. He has deep-rooted insecurities that often break through his “strong” exterior. He's a goofy man who loves to have fun doing what he does. Mirage doesn't take himself too seriously and makes jokes at his own cost throughout a game. He has some of the best voice work, and his quips showcase his moods.

Mirage's insecurities take a physical form, such as his ability to send out holographic decoys. He treats them as his friends and as an excellent diversion tactic. He loves bamboozling his enemies at whatever chance he gets. Using his decoy to taunt enemies gives the player unparalleled satisfaction. Combined with his witty remarks, he becomes an enjoyable Legend to play.

2. Pathfinder

Apex Legends: Which Legend is The Most Fun to Play With?

Credit: EA

  • Tactical: Grappling Hook
  • Passive: Insider Knowledge
  • Ultimate: Zipline Gun

This robot is everyone's best friend. Pathfinder is a juvenile bot looking to make friends… in a bloodsport. Besides his odd choices, he is equipped with the best grappling and movement technology in the outlands.

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Pathfinder is always there to pick up his teammates when they are down. The robot makes sure to compliment his squad at whatever chance he gets. He loves to hi-5 his friends and forcefully hi-5 his enemies. Pathfinder’s no. 1 priority is making his friends the happiest they can be. He provides them with constant help by providing movement through the map.

Path has one of the best abilities in the game. Using his tactical, the grappling hook, he has movement, unlike any other Legend. The ability lets Pathfinder take to the skies. He becomes comparable to Spider-Man when he zips through corners of buildings and takes down the bad guys. His Ultimate allows his teammates to experience something similar and enables quick repositioning.

1. Octane

Apex Legends: Which Legend is The Most Fun to Play With?

Credit: EA

  • Tactical: Stim
  • Passive: Swift Mend
  • Ultimate: Launch Pad

Octane is Apex’s most fun addition. The speed demon has always been a highly-picked legend and, as of late, is the highest-picked legend in the game. That's not just because of his moveset but also due to his amusing personality.

Octavio always has the rush. He has to be the fastest and most energetic person in his team. His obsession with speed led him to use the hazardous drug, stim to keep him on his toes constantly. The daredevil wears a dialysis belt to synthesize his overdose of the drug continuously. He does not care. He has to be fast.

Octane’s stim provides a temporary speed boost at the cost of some of his health. Even with that little disadvantage, the speed boost offers a rush. Players can feel the adrenaline running through Octane. His swift movements allow players to do some of the most exciting tricks and ambushes in the game. His Ultimate, the Launch Pad, is also extremely fun to use as it provides rapid verticality in the game for his squad. Moreover, the jump pad allows some crazy stunts with particular weapon combos, making Octane the most fun Legend to play with.

Honorable Mentions

  • Bloodhound: Makes you feel like a detective on a crime scene
  • Valkyrie: Allows you to soar the skies (temporarily)
  • Loba: Stealing is always fun
  • Wraith: The top pick for sweaty players


Octane is our choice for the best Legend to pick if you want to have fun. He may not be competitively viable, but he is the best pick for casual games. His abilities allow for quick engagement and disengagement from fights. His quips also add to his overall charm.

Apex Legends: Which Legend is The Most Fun to Play With?
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