Apex Legends To Get Steam-Themed Cosmetics Come Fall

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Apex Legends To Get Steam-Themed Cosmetics Come Fall

Apex Legends appears to be getting Steam themed content as the game gets closer to its Steam release date.

Apex Legends seems to be pointing towards Steam themed cosmetic giveaways come the game’s official release to Steam. It was recently leaked that two Valve / Apex themed charms will be up for grabs when the Steam release sets sail.

Electron Arts made an announcement in June that would see Apex Legends become a cross-platform title. Players on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC and more will be able to play with each other for the first time in the game’s history. On top of this is the game’s official launch on Steam. Apex Legends will, therefore, be playable on two different PC Clients.

The Steam move is about enticing players who may not otherwise play the title. Electron Arts has recently been releasing their discography onto Steam for a short while. The likes of Star Wars, Need for Speed and more are already on Steam. So far it seems to be working, but Apex Legends appears to be incentivizing it further.

New leaks

Leaks from a recently deleted page from the Electronic Arts website suggests that people who play Apex Legends on Steam will get three exclusive themed Charms. One charm is a Head Crab on Octane, another GLaDOS and the third is Wattson holding a Companion Cube. It seems like Origin players will need to log in via Steam to get these charms on their account too. Also, the webpage states that these skins were developed by Steam staff, meaning that this project is a strong collaboration between both stakeholders.

More data mining and leaks seem to suggest that there may be gun skins and other items releasing in Fall. However, fresh data mining has pulled out old concepts and ideas, as indicated by Apex Legends Staff Writer, Tom Casiello, in his Twitter thread.

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Either way, Apex Legends has big things planned for their Steam Launch. More news should follow, such as account progression across platforms, Limited Time Modes, Season notes and more.

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