Apex Legends: Tips for Tackling Mirage’s New Revive Mechanic

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Apex Legends: Tips for Tackling Mirage’s New Revive Mechanic

Mirage’s rework makes him a great Legend to revive in Season 5, but there are a few ways to counter it.

Apex Legends Season 5 has been out for several days now. But one of the more standout points of the latest season is the Mirage rework. Mirage’s new rework makes much better control of his decoys. Although that is not the only meaningful change to his kit. Mirage can now cloak himself and his downed ally during a revive sequence. Players are finding that Mirage’s aggressive revive is strong throughout the game. Here are some tips to best use Mirage’s revive and how to counter it.

Mirage is now one of the most slippery Legends in the game. A good Mirage will use their decoys to make you think twice about what is going on. They are also a great tool to distract enemies while you swoop in and cloak revive an ally. Furthermore, early game fights over drop zones are a way that a Mirage can keep their team in the game.

But the best use yet is the ability to confuse in the heat of battle. Mirage’s ult and singular decoys match the real Mirage’s actions. In the heat of battle, this can get very confusing. When Mirage goes in for the revive his decoys choreograph the same action. All of a sudden decoys are now reviving. This can get confusing rather quickly. Reddit user u/stuey57 shows how quickly it can get messy in public matches.

Aggressive Revives are now a thing with the new Mirage buff from apexlegends

Tips for countering Mirage’s cloaked revive

There are ways to counter Mirage’s aggressive reviving that we haven’t noticed yet. The first big one is that Mirage cloaks rather than going invisible. Mirage and his downed ally will leave a rather unnoticeable silhouette behind. The more time spent interacting with Mirage’s new ability means we will naturally train our eyes to spot it. There is no other mechanic like this in the game. So, its no surprise this mechanic is so far tricky to handle.

The second option is to pay more attention to downed opponents. We now know Mirage players look for downed allies in the heat of battle. Paying more attention to the position of downed Legends is one way to challenge the Mirage. The trick here is to use his downed allies against him. You can always spray that general location a downed player vanished. Throwing an incendiary grenade to the target location is a good option. Any combat text coming up in that area likely means Mirage is up to no good (for you anyway). Mirage players caught in the cat will no doubt feel the risk of their actions crashing down on them.

What about legends?

There are also Legend options to chose from to deal with Mirage. Caustic's canisters are a good way to work if a cloak revive is going on. A successful canister placement will tick away at the cloaked opponents. That’s one way to work out where the revive is happening.

Bloodhound’s ultimate reveals heat signatures that may be useful in the right situation. Beast of the Hunt exposes both of their locations by showing the revive going down in bright red. Although one thing to point out is Mirage’s decoys also glow red. The trick is to look for a red pairing, rather than a revive animation with no one below.

You can also try a Gibraltar, Bangalore, or Caustic ult to flush a Mirage out. While it does the trick, it may be a bit overkill and a misuse of resources. But it is your call to go that far.

These are a few suggestions on how to deal with some of Mirage’s tomfoolery. Practice some of these tricks or keep them in mind for when you find yourself staring at several mirages. If you do, you'll avoid finding yourself a victim of a montage destined for Youtube or Reddit.

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