Apex Legends: Season 5 Adds Loba, a New Questline and More

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Apex Legends: Season 5 Adds Loba, a New Questline and More

Apex Legends Season 5 adds Loba, questlines and tonnes of new features.

Apex Legends Season 5 arrives May 12, which brings all new content to the game. First of all, this latest season boasts an all-new quest mechanic. A new season is not complete without a brand-new Legend for players to become the Champion on.

The Broken Ghost

The Broken Ghost is Apex Legend’s first seasonal quest. Players will progress through the quest with daily treasure hunts. A weekly quest hunt becomes available once a player finds five treasure chests. These treasure chests are accessible in Duos, Trios, Limited Time Modes, and Ranked queues. Hunts are weekly missions that take players into Kings Canyon at night. Players can queue solo or in a party. While players can queue for the weekly event, they can only get the reward for completing it if they have the quest. Succeeding in the quest rewards players and contributes to the story of The Broken Ghost.

Treasure chests contain daily rewards for players that collect one in-game. They may offer Crafting Metals, an Apex Legend Pack, Battlepass XP, or entrance into the weekly hunt. There are a total of 45 treasures to collect throughout the season. So there’s plenty of daily rewards to earn in Season 5. For players that may miss a day, there is a catch-up mechanic that can bring you up to speed if you miss a day or two.

Weekly Hunts appear to be a timed PvE (player vs environment) mission. A team of Legends go into a night-time mission of King’s Canyon with aims to recover one of nine artifacts. Player’s must get in, survive, collect the artefact and extract before time runs out.2

Broken Ghost Questline

The Broken Ghost storyline aims to explain what the story is as you progress through the questline. But the blurb of this story is all about the Apex Legends and Hammond Robotics narrative. Speaking of storyline, Loba is the newest Apex Legends to join the game. She kicks off the Broken Ghost questline as her storyline brings her to Kings Canyon in pursuit of treasure.

Respawn says that questing is a new way for us to experience the Apex Legends franchise. They admit this is part of their efforts to broaden the Apex Legends universe. Questlines are a new way for Respawn to tell a story. It's similar to the Revenant clips they did in the previous season, albeit in a different format. You can read more about the new quest feature here.

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Loba is the latest Apex Legend coming to the game. She is a translocating thief and her function in the game is the stealth/scout character. Loba is all about getting around, spotting higher tier items and gearing her team.

  • Passive – Eye for Quality. Loba sees higher quality items at a distance and through structures.
  • Tactical ability – Burglars Best Friend. Loba throws a teleportation disc at an area and then relocates to it.
  • Ultimate Ability – Black Market Boutique. Loba spawns a black market trader terminal. Players can cycle through nearby loot in a window and pick what they want.

In the Apex Legends narrative, Loba is the child that escapes after Revenant assassinates her father. Her character is all about following in her father's footsteps and becoming a great thief. She will also happily take revenge on Revenant for what he did to her family.

More information on Loba is viewable in her Legend trailer.

More lore

Season 5 of Apex Legends adds Character Dialogue Chatter. Different Legends will now have different voice lines depending on which Legends are interacting with each other. Chatter should add an extra dynamic for the developing narrative of the game.

Map Changes

Courtesy of the Broken Ghost storyline, Skull Town is no more. The events leading up to Season 5 has triggered cataclysmic result for Skull Town. The town is no more as it sinks into the earth. Furthermore, there are new refineries on the map. There are also changes to the coastline amongst other visual changes. There’s plenty of new things coming to King’s Canyon that freshens it up for a new season of Apex Legends.

Charge towers are a brand-new addition to the game. Across the map, there are now Charge Towers. These Charge Towers send out blast waves that grant Legends a full ultimate when stationed next to the blast.

Mirage rework

Mirage is getting a rework! Now, Mirage will have a 60-second decoy and be able to control the decoy that mimics his every move. This is also the same for his ultimate. Life of the Party will drop several decoys that repeat the real Mirage’s movement.


Respawn confirmed that they were not adding any new weapon to the game. Instead, they are focusing more on adding new golden weapons to the game. Golden weapons are Longbow DMR, Hemlock, Spitfire, EVA-8, and RE-45.


Apex Legends now has a reconnect feature. Players just need to restart the game and press the reconnect button to re-join their teammates. This works across all game modes and is a great feature that has been requested for a long time.

Apex Legend’s Season 5 is a huge patch that changes a lot about Apex Legends. You can visit the full patch notes here.

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