Apex Legends: How Respawn Entertainment Rebuilt Hype for Revenant

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Apex Legends: How Respawn Entertainment Rebuilt Hype for Revenant

Respawn Entertainment rebuilt hype for their latest Legend in the best way possible.

Respawn Entertainment very recently launched the fourth season of Apex Legends – Assimilation. The season launched on Apex Legend’s first birthday. However, some of the hype for the event was killed off way before its launch. Data miners found two potential Legends way before the event was announced. Because of this, we had an idea of who was coming to the game. So, Respawn responded with one of the greatest twists on data leaks in gaming’s recent history. This article will go through the story of how Respawn’s plot twist recreated excitement for Apex Legends’ latest Legend.

Forge was bait

Several weeks ago, Respawn Entertainment released their first details of Season 4. It included a title for the season, a tease at the ‘new’ Legend, Forge, some battle pass information, weapon teases, and celebration giveaways. All this information was revealed to us through an official 20-minute dev vlog. The vlog was just to tease us with more news to follow the coming days.

But the joke was on us especially me since they made me write fake news. (An overshare I know.)

Respawn knew that Forge was not going to be the latest playable Legend. His purpose was to build a story that would officially reveal Revenant. In the lore, Forge was a superhuman boosted by Hammond Robotics. Hammond Robotics is a company in the Titan Fall universe. Forge’s growth as a character finally earned him an opportunity to compete as an Apex Legend. Respawn released a trailer that seemed to tell us more about who James “Forge” McCormick is. However, a surprise appearance from Revenant had Forge assassinated on live television.

Introducing Revenant

In what was supposed to be another reveal trailer; but Respawn pulled a great bait and switch. While there was hype for Forge, no one can deny that the leak pulled the wind from his sails. And if it was Revenant revealed as Forge was, he too would suffer.

Although, Revenant’s official reveal in this manner grabs our attention. We knew he was supposed to be an assassin as the leak states. But we got to see him surprise us as a true assassin should. From that moment on, it wasn’t a question of what the newest Legend is to Apex Legends is; but who?

Respawn then released another trailer with greater production value. Apex Legends fans knew from the get-go they were in for a treat. The trailer shows us who Revenant is, or rather who Revenant was as the trailer closes on. Revenant is a construction of Hammond Robotics. A cyborg assassin. His physical appearance is a metal skeleton. He no longer appears human, yet we see his human form. Hammond Robotics stripped every human element away from him, including the ability to die. He was resurrected by Hammond into the chassis he resides in. The only thing left is a human’s nature for revenge. Now Revenant hunts Hammond down, presuming why he killed Forge. But we see that he is still a bounty hunter. Revenant is Apex Legend’s most twisted character so far.

Assimilation launch trailer

With this reveal now in motion, and his kit reflecting his lore rather well, Revenant is a hit. He could have been just another data mined release. We only have to look at Wattson or Crypto to know there wasn’t much hype for their release.  But, like Revenant’s character, his launch is much more.

Respawn have done well to refuel the fire in their leaked Legend. So, take a bow Respawn. This should easily inspire any game dev looking to create hype around already leaked content.

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