Apex Legends Tier list – Season 14

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Apex Legends Tier list – Season 14

Another season brings another raft of changes. Here's our Apex Legends Tier List for Season 14.

The latest Season of Apex has just dropped. There are a lot of changes in Season 14. There’s a new legend and plenty of alterations to King’s Canyon. The key decision is still which Legend to play, though. Expanding every season means there are loads of choices, with balance changes you can’t always rely on your favorite picks. Sometimes you need to know the meta. That’s where the Apex Legends tier list for Season 14 comes in.

While it’s hard to be 100% objective in lists like these, there are some clear heroes that stand out from the pack. Some just have more use. If you want to go with the best picks then, this is how they all compare:

Apex Legends Tier List Season 14

It’s worth jumping into deeper detail about why each Legend is in each tier. However, if you’re just looking for a quick reference, then this is roughly where each stands right now:

  • S-Tier – Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Wraith, Valkyrie
  • A-Tier – Ash, Lifeline, Caustic, Seer, Mad Maggie, Newcastle, Vantage
  • B-Tier – Pathfinder, Wattson, Loba, Rampart, Horizon, Octane
  • C-Tier – Revenant, Bangalore, Fuse, Crypto
  • D-Tier – Mirage

Apex Legends Season 14 Tier List – S Tier



Bloodhound has sat at the top of the Apex Legends tier list for quite a while. That’s along with strong pick rates. He has amazing utility to a team and can’t really be replaced in a lot of compositions. He gathers an incredible amount of info.

Blood’s recon abilities and boosted movement make him hard to beat. He sits in a category of his own. If other players are more confident with offensive abilities, then Bloodhound is going to be a perfect addition to your setup. He might not be the flashiest hero to play. However, if you’re committed to being part of a strong team then picking up Bloodhound can help enhance everyone’s win rate.


Gibraltar Apex Legends Tier List

Gibraltar has moved up and down in Apex Legends tier lists. However, he currently looks pretty strong. He stands out in the game’s meta and esports. Gibraltar can soak up damage as a tank like few else in the game. Between his shield and Dome of Protection, you can nullify a fair amount of incoming damage and massively increase your survivability.

The defensive bombardment can equally buy a team time. Gibraltar can make it so a team can survive firefights that turn bad without needing an insane clutch move. He’s not invincible. However, he adds a lot.

Gibraltar does have a bigger hitbox, but his defensive abilities make him a great pick despite the flaws. This is a hero who really benefits from decent communication too, otherwise, you’re just protecting yourself.


Apex Legends character Valkyrie extends a hand towards a teammate with their squad behind her in a frozen landscape.

Valkyrie is one of the more recent Legends to enter the top section of the Apex Legends tier list. She has kit that can help in rotation early in the game. Equally, you can get out of a bad firefight. This can have great utility when combined with more offense Legends as it, as it allows your team to play more aggressively with a backup plan.

Valkyrie isn’t just for movement, though. Missile Swarm is a pretty good attack to get stuns out on opponents. This can really help you to put pressure on if it’s used at the right time. Valkyrie can do a lot. Like most Legends at the top of the tier list, a big reason is how well they work as part of a squad.


Wraith Apex Legends Tier List

Wraith has been sitting on the higher end of the game for a while. She’s one of the best for offense. If you’re looking to really get up in the face of enemies and deal damage on your own, Wraith is going to be a great pick.

Wraith has one of the best win rates across the entire game. Her abilities are also pretty strong. Moves like Into the Void has a short run time, but you can use this to jump into adventurous positions and recontextualize any fight. Wraith is the best pick for team fights and escaping from them.

Since Wraith is so good for offensive abilities, she can be hard to play. You’re going to need to have a great idea of when to pop your abilities to get the most value. Specifically, you need strong game sense. You need to prevent enemies from reading what you’re going to do and anticipating your abilities. That’s the major drawback for Wraith. She’s easily one of the best Legends in Season 14 though.

Apex Legends Season 14 Tier List – A Tier


Ash Apex Legends Tier List Season 14

Ash is a solid pick for the A-Tier. She provides intel on opponents but has more utility. Snare is useful, and Phase Breach can be great for rotation. Other Legends in the S-Tier might outrank her in specializing. However, Ash has a bit of everything. She’s well-balanced. 


Lifeline Apex Legends Tier List

Lifeline always remains surprisingly high up on Apex Legends tier lists. She’s the game’s only dedicated healer. Healing is never the most attractive goal in the game, but it adds great utility to a team. She’s been impacted by nerfs through the years, but no character can really replace her role.


Apex Legends Tier List Caustic 

Caustic has risen up in recent seasons. This is a character with great utility for distraction. Even talented opponents are going to have trouble if you make the best use of his gas attacks. These are more strategic abilities. They’re not super versatile, but they make for great plays especially if you can follow up.


Seer Apex Legends Tier List

Seer is useful across the board but it's his passive that feels the most broken. He can hear enemy heartbeats at all times with ADSing, if you can get the hang of this then it can provide great intel. Bloodhound might have the edge over Seer. He’s still worth playing though and can hold his own.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie Apex Legends Tier List

Mad Maggie makes it a bit further up in the Apex Legends Season 14 tier list thanks to her offensive skills. However, she is a bit too situational. Her abilities could be stronger without breaking the game. While she some intel as well as damaging enemies, she isn’t as useful as other intel-based Legends. That’s a nice mix, but Legends in the top tier beat her for both categories. 


Newcastle Apex Legends Tier List

Newcastle’s abilities offer both offense and defense. Similar to Maggie though, he doesn’t really have any one niche where he excels. His Castle Wall Ult can particularly have a lot of potential if you pull it at the right time. However, Newcastle only just edges into an A-Tier.


Vantage Apex Legends Tier List

It’s always tricky to place a brand-new Legend. There are changes to come and you need to see how they fit into the meta. However, Vantage seems pretty useful at the moment. She has great utility across her abilities and is one of the most useful Ultimate to date. This is a character that looks like they’re going to be a major part of the metagame for this season. Being suited to one specific play style has helped this character to excel in that category. 

B-Tier – Apex Legends Season 14 Tier List


Pathfinder Apex Legends Tier List

Apex Legend’s friendliest robot has had a lot of changes, he seems more stable now but less impressive. You’re getting a lot more mobility here, but with decent rotation you can do without these tools pretty easily. Pathfinder is really solving a problem that Apex’s current map design doesn’t have.


Wattson Apex Legends Tier List

Wattson might be higher up on this Apex Season 14 tier list if we were only looking at the late game. Her ability to lock down a situation and build a stronghold in the final circle is really powerful. However, she just doesn’t have the versatility. Wattson is too situational.


Apex Legends Season 14 Tier List 

Loba’s main benefit in the game is to secure decent loot. She cuts down on the RNG of the game to some degree. This will always have fans. But a focus on loot might be a wasted slot for a lot of teams when it can be solved with good rotation. 


Rampart has had a disappointing decline in the Apex Legends tier list. She started as a pretty OP character. Her insane defenses and that minigun looked like they would inspire nightmares before she launched. She proved easy to counter, though. She’s received some buffs but still a bit clunky to really be any higher here.


Horizon Apex Legends Tier List

Horizon’s abilities like Gravity Lift and Black Hole can both work very well in the hands of the top Apex Legends players. However, she is not versatile enough in the current balance.


Octane is fast and can have incredible plays. However, he’s better suited for playing Solo. That’s not how Apex works, which makes Octane lag towards the bottom of the Apex Legends Season 14 tier list.

C-Tier – Apex Season 14 Tier List

Fuse Apex Legends Tier List

  • Revenant – Revenant has some fun abilities like Death Totem but ultimately doesn’t add enough to justify his hitboxes and flaws.
  • Bangalore – This Legend has struggled to find a niche. Rolling Thunder has been improved but not really by enough to make it a competitor.
  • Fuse – Fuse can be serious fun with his grenades, but not useful in a whole game. He’s disappointingly circumstantial.
  • Crypto – Crypto is another that is far too circumstantial with too many useless abilities. There are still players that can pop off with him, but he struggles.


Mirage Apex Legends Tier List

  • Mirage -Mirage sits alone in the bottom tier! He’s really just too one note. He doesn’t have viability for most players.

Those are all the Apex Legends’ characters so far and how they currently sit. However, the meta isn’t everything. High-level players can still do great with just about anyone. These tier lists are great if you’re trying to play to the meta, but if you have skill with other characters, then it’s always worth mixing it up. Don’t feel limited by one opinion on where Legends sit. Use the legend that’s best for you.

Apex Legends Tier list – Season 14
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