Apex Legends: Second Anniversary Event Start Time and Event Details

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Apex Legends: Second Anniversary Event Start Time and Event Details

Apex Legends Second Anniversary kicks off on February 9, bringing two weeks of celebratory fun.

Apex Legends’ second anniversary has technically already past as of February 4, 2021. However, Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the second anniversary event celebration event is coming on February 9. The event brings special promotions, with free rewards, store exclusive skins, and more.

Start Time

The Apex Legends second anniversary begins at 18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET. 13:00 EST, 10:00 PST in time for global reset time for Apex Legends. Players will have two weeks to complete the free anniversary event ending on February 23.

The times listed above are typical for the drop times of new seasons, just the like the latest drop of Season 8 – Mayhem. Respawn Entertainment has not hard confirmed the release times, so if it drops a little early or later be aware of the Apex Legends social accounts. It could even come with a few moments of downtime to restart the servers with the latest content.

What’s Coming in the Second Anniversary Event?

The event offers an Anniversary Reward battle pass. Early levels in the pass grant Apex Packs, with the medium and higher levels rewarding charms, weapon skins, and other goodies. There is a total of 22 items up for grabs, two event packs and ten Apex Legends packs. There are three items available just for logging on.

An in-game screengrab of the reward progression available during the Apex Legends Second Anniversary event

Locked and Loaded

Locked and Loaded is back taking over the normal playlist LTM. Players hit the ground fully equipped with level one items to start shooting baddies at. The LTM starts players with a Mozambique, a white shotgun bolt and a classic scope, white equipment, and a few other consumables.

The event will remove all the above items from ground loot. There is even more bang for your buck if you can survive getting landed on with a full squad Mozambique rush.

Seasonal Challenges

To celebrate the anniversary event, there are a few badges to earn. You can claim the Daily Discovery badge by completing 75 Daily Challenges. The Respect your Elders badge unlocks after detailing 102, 816 damage with the Mozambique. The third badge is the Time to Win and Stay Alive. You need to do as it says on at least eight different Legends. The final badge is the Mozambique Here charm unlocked with 3,333 damage with the weapon.

Anniversary Collection

24 fan favorite items return to the shop with a touch of crimson red and fold. The Blood Moon, Pure Fire, Mecha Over Matter and Hunt and Run Set  There are a few other goodies for the wales out there. Buying the complete sets gets your heirloom point to craft whatever heirloom you want. For those that want a skin of their choice through crafting, the items are 50% discounted for this event only.

For those surprised by some older items returning with a fresh feel, Respawn Entertainment honored re-releasing skins with the Voidwalker Wraith skin back in July 2020. The second anniversary event is just another example of re-releasing skins with a twist.

Feature Images: Respawn Entertainment

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