Apex Legends Season 20 Map Rotation

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Apex Legends Season 20 Map Rotation

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer game with a new map rotation each season. Here’s Apex Legends Season 20 Map Rotation.

Apex Legends is a game with two primary game modes. The battle royale and the Mixtape game mode. Each of these modes has its own set of maps in constant rotation. This allows the gaming experience to not get stale and a constant change of scenery within the game.

Season 20 of Apex is bringing forth a brand new way to experience the game. With all the changes coming, the maps have been updated as well. Every map has a fresh coat of paint, making it fitting for the new season.

The Battle Royale Apex Legends Season 20 Map Rotation

While the game has a total of five maps, Apex Legends generally has three out of the five maps in rotation per season. The other maps are locked away temporarily only turning up for specific Limited Time Modes (LTMS) or are reworked for a later season. This applies to season 20 as well.

Apex Legends Season 20 Map Rotation

Credit: EA

The maps in rotation this season are:

  • World's Edge
  • Storm Point
  • Olympus

Fan Favorite maps Olympus and World's Edge are coming back this season. Storm Point, while in rotation since the start of Season 19, is also getting a rework.

The maps have been decorated with Balloons all around to celebrate Apex’s fifth anniversary. The Legend balloons around the map add to the festivity Apex has in store for us with this season. Many points of interest (POIs) have been decorated with graffiti fitting the season’s poster child, Rampart’s, theme.

Tridents, gravity cannons and jump towers have also been given a new look.

Mixtape Playlist Map Rotation

The Mixtape playlist has been a staple in Apex Legends since season 16. The game mode allows a playlist of different game modes each with their own unique set of maps. The mode features three other modes: Team DeathMatch, Gun Run and Control.

Apex Legends Season 20 Map Rotation

Credit: EA

This season has a new map that will drop for the game mode. The map is called Thunderdome, and it has an interactive audience. The crowd will cheer on Legends as they stack up kills and inch their way toward victory.

Team DeathMatch maps:

  • Overflow
  • Storm Point: Watsons Pylon
  • Thunderdome

Gun Run Maps:

  • World's Edge: Fragment East
  • Storm Point: Zeus Station
  • Thunderdome

Control Maps:

  • Worlds Edge: Lava Siphon
  • Storm Point: Barometer
  • Thunderdome

Current Limited Time Mode Maps

Season 20 has dropped with the Anniversary event. The event has brought us the Limited Time Mode (LTM) Straight Shot with it. The LTM is going to take place in the current map rotation. However, the ring and playable area of the map will be smaller. Legends will spawn into one POI and have a quicker game. The POIs will have fully kitted weapons for the Legends to pick up and engage in combat.

There are no maps set to come into rotation as of now; however, an LTM later in the season may bring forth changes to the current map rotation.

Apex Legends Season 20 Map Rotation
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