Apex Legends Season 19 Map Rotation

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Apex Legends Season 19 Map Rotation

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer game with a new map rotation each season. Here’s what the latest season of the game has in store for us

Apex Legends is a  game with two primary game modes. The battle royale and the Mixtape game mode. Each of these modes have their own set of maps in constant rotation. This allows the gaming experience to not get stale and a constant change of scenery within the game.

The Battle Royale Map Rotation

While the game has a total of five maps, Apex Legends generally has three out of the five maps in rotation per season. The other maps are locked away temporarily only turning up for specific Limited Time Modes (LTMS) or are reworked for a later season. This applies to season 19 as well.

Apex Legends Season 19 Map Rotation
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The maps in rotation this season are:

  • Storm Point
  • Broken Moon
  • Olympus

Storm Point is returning to the game after a while with a newly reworked look and smaller map size. Respawn, the developers of the game, have listened to the criticism faced for the previously obscenely large size of the map and done their best to reduce the map size. Additionally, they’ve cleaned up previously annoying places to battle by adopting a fresh take in the areas. A new sky box was also added, adding to the attractiveness of the map.
The other two maps remain untouched for this season. World’s Edge and Kings Canon may not appear this season as permanent maps but may be featured in future LTMs.

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Mixtape Playlist Map Rotation

The Mixtape playlist has been a staple in Apex Legends since season 16. The game mode allows a playlist of different game modes each with their own unique set of maps. The mode features three other modes: Team DeathMatch, Gun Run and Control.

Team DeathMatch maps:

  • Olympus: Phase Runner
  • Storm Point: Zeus Station
  • Phase Runner

Gun Run Maps:

  • Broken Moon: The Core
  • Olympus: Estates
  • Storm Point: Wattson's Pylon

Control Maps:

  • Olympus: Hammond Labs
  • Storm Point: Barometer
  • Broken Moon: Production Yard

Current Limited Time Mode Maps

Apex Legends is a game with constant events with their own LTMs. They usually feature a new way to play the game. The current mode is called Revenant’s Uprising. The mode offers a new 30v30 way of playing the game allowing the player to play as Loba’s Legends Alliance or Revenant’s Army. The mode is only available on Saturdays and Sundays till January 1. The mode does not introduce any new maps but takes place on the already in rotation battle royale maps. However, it has a ring that closes faster and does more damage to the players.

There are no maps set to come into rotation as of now however, an LTM later in the season may bring forth changes to the current map rotation.

Apex Legends Season 19 Map Rotation
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