Apex Legends Season 19 Introduces Conduit, Cross Progression

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Apex Legends Season 19 Introduces Conduit, Cross Progression

Apex Legends Season 19 introduces a Support legend, Conduit along with a cross-progression system that'll allow players to merge their account progress and content into one account across all platforms.

Besides bringing a legend of Filipino descent, the upcoming update reveals the return of Storm Point along with changes to Ranked, and more.

Apex Legends Season 19 Cross Progression System

Season 19, Ignite will introduce a cross-progression system that will combine the player account progress across platforms into one single account. This also includes content and Apex coins. The account will the with the highest level will become the Master AKA Primary account. Using a single EA Games ID, players would now be able to use a single account that syncs up all their achievements, cosmetics, and more across the available platforms – PC, Xbox, PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch.

However, some items will remain exclusive to their specific platforms, and are specified below: PS+ Pack Items would be available only on the Playstation platform, and the Xbox Founder’s Edition and Gold Items would be exclusive to Xbox users. On the other hand, the P.A.T.H. Legendary Skin would be limited to Nintendo devices.

Players can read more about the Cross Progression system in detail on Respawn's official site here.

Apex Legends Season 19 Ranked Changes

The newest Season of Apex adds Promotional Trials to prevent ratters from simply camping in zones to earn placement points. Players would now have to prove their worth by completing challenges at the end of each ranked tier.

What are Promotional Tiers in Apex Legends Season 19?

Promotional Trials are a set of skill-based challenges players have to complete in order to rank up a tier.. For instance, in order to rank up from Gold I to Platinum IV, players have to complete the trials within five matches. Some of the challenges will require players to place in the Top 10 during a match, or get 3 kills or assists. The higher the tier, the more difficult the challenges would get.

Apex Legends Season 19 New Legend Conduit – Abilities and More

In the works since 2019, the support legend had been the subject of multiple leaks, but the character never got to see the light of day until now.

“After her sister's sacrifice, the support legend enters the Apex Games with powers gained from the Monarch titan battery. The tool itself Conduit gained powers from is slowly killing her, but she continues to fight to fulfil her promise of giving a better life to her family.” detailed her bio on Respawn's official site.

Passive – Savior’s Speed
Conduit gains a short burst of speed when running toward a teammate beyond her Tactical range.

Tactical – Radiant Transfer
Conduit's Tactical sends a blast of energy to a teammate which in turn generates temporary shields for them and the legend when in danger. This ability also heals a Red Shield.

Ultimate – Energy Barricade
Conduit deploys an array of shield-jamming devices that can damage and slow down nearby enemies. This ability deals damage to Enemy shields and HP.
Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date and Time.

Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date and Time

The massive content update is scheduled to hit Apex servers across all regions on October 31, and here are the release times for each region.

• 10 a.m. PST

• 1 p.m. EST

• 6 p.m. GMT – UK

• 7 p.m. CET – Europe

• 4 a.m. SGT – Singapore (November 1)

Besides introducing a plethora of new content, the upcoming update is also slated to ship nerfs to Catalyst and Bangalore. For the full list of buffs, nerfs and other weapon and legend changes players should keep an eye on the patch notes slated to be released soon. Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite is slated to kick off on Tuesday, October 31.

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