Apex Legends: Respawn Entertainment Reverts Armor Values In Season 6

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Apex Legends: Respawn Entertainment Reverts Armor Values In Season 6

Respawn Entertainment is reverting some of the Season 6 armor changes after negative feedback from the community.

Respawn Entertainment’s Design Director, Jason McCord has announced they are reverting some of the armor changes in Season 6 Apex Legends. The new changes will restore the armor values that equipment previously had in Season 5.

In Season 6, Respawn Entertainment looked at ways to re-shape the armor meta. Heading into the season, they announced they were making all armor drops in the world Evo Shields, except for Gold Armor remaining a rare drop. Furthermore, they decided to drop every armor piece’s protection by 25 points.

The revert

When Season 6 launched, players found that these changes had adverse effects on the game. Players, pros and other community members called it a mistake, and the Season was not a fun experience. With this feedback, Respawn Entertainment listened and are now reverting the armor value change immediately. Every piece of armor in the game will now gain their recently lost 25 points of shield value, addressing some concerns of the player base.

Respawn Entertainment explains that the first five seasons of the game their core pillar of mechanical skill, positioning and map movement worked well. However, these core pillars of their game design fell in Season 6. They state that they realize layers are achieving the red armor more than they expected, and mechanical skill overrides smart play. Because of this reasoning, they are reverting that one aspect of the shield meta to rebalance the game.

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Furthermore, this patch comes with plenty of fixes with Legends and other Season 6 features. Respawn has addressed some of the issues affecting the server crashes from Legend interactions, interactions between Legends, and other annoying bugs.

On another a final note, Respawn Entertainment also mentioned that while this experimentation has failed, they will not be afraid to experiment more in the future. Respawn wants to keep the game fresh, interesting and for there to always be something new for players. They feel like they want to prove to the players that the game will also have interesting changes, and they care if they mess up with those changes.

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