Apex Legends: Respawn Entertainment Announce ALGS Autumn Circuit

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Apex Legends: Respawn Entertainment Announce ALGS Autumn Circuit

Respawn Entertainment has announced a new Autumn Circuit beginning October 3.

Respawn Entertainment has announced that the Apex Legends Global Series will get an Autumn Circuit, beginning October 3rd. The new event marks a new series as Respawn Entertainment aims to close 2020 with a big event leading directly up to Christmas.

The Apex Legends Autumns series is yet another big online event, containing $500,000 dollar prize pool up for grabs throughout the entire event. The event is going to be broken down in several stages, ranging from four regional events, alongside the Last Chance tournament, followed by the Playoffs.

Regional 1 stream begins on October 5, while Regional 2 will operate weeks later on October 19. The remaining two Regional events will take place on November 2 and 9 as teams look to round out their season in the Playoffs.

A final chance tournament will merge teams from the Super Region. These are NA/SA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, APAC North and South. The teams that make it out of the super region last chance playoffs will make it into the Playoffs. The Last Chance Playoffs are to be held on December 7, followed by the Playoffs on December 19-20.

After taking into account the feedback from the Summer Circuit, Respawn Entertainment are adjusting their rules slightly. The Regional events will use a six-game series to close out the event. Only the playoffs will have the Match Point format, which was first introduced at the Apex Legends event in September 2019.

Signups and Partnerships

Furthermore, for those eager to watch the event will find themselves able to watch the event on Mondays. Tournament matches will be held on the weekend. Meanwhile, the production of the stream commencing the Monday following the tournament’s conclusion. Teams interested in taking part in the Apex Legends August Circuit can sign up here. Interested parties will need to register by September 22 to be eligible.

This news comes after Respawn Entertainment recently announced they are creating an esports partnership with some of the most prominent organizations in the game. No doubt this partnership will have an impact on the Autumn Circuit.

With this news, the ALGS Summer Circuit is yet to conclude. The Summer Playoffs will take place over September 12-13. Who will be crowned the winners of the EMEA, Americas and APAC Regions? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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