Apex Legends Preseason Invitational to Take Place in Poland September 13-15

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Apex Legends Preseason Invitational to Take Place in Poland September 13-15

Apex Legends comes to Poland with the Preseason Invitational.

For those still invested in watching the Apex Legends esports scene, your next opportunity to see the action will take place this weekend in Poland! Alvernia, Poland will be the location for the Preseason Invitational as the throwdown happens over the weekend of September 13-15. Eighty teams (that’s 240 players total) will be competing over this period of time for their share of a $500,000 prize pool, with the first-place finishers set to receive $105,000 of this largest prize pool for an Apex Legends tournament to date.

Among the 80 teams participating are some familiar-sounding organization names. Gen.G Esports, Counter Logic Gaming, and Complexity Gaming will duke it out in addition to Team SoloMid, the winners of the X Games Apex Legends tournament that took place earlier this year.

If you’re unable to catch the action in person at Alvernia, you can, of course, watch this event via various streaming sources: the official Apex Legends Twitch channel, YouTube, and Mixer. The action starts this Friday at 1 PM Central European Time, which translates to 7 AM for us here on the East Coast USA. Hope you have coffee.

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