Apex Legends: NRG Claims First Place In Online Tournament 6

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Apex Legends: NRG Claims First Place In Online Tournament 6

NRG wins the ALGS Online Tournament 6 after a troublesome group stage.

NRG has emerged victorious in the Apex Legends Online Tournament 6. The team has earned themselves their first Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament victory since the event began. Furthermore, the team has achieved success after only recently changing their roster. This is a big win for NRG, who is on the up since the roster move.

Marshall “Mohr” Mohr left the NRG Apex Legend roster on May 20th after being on the team for just over a year. Aidan “rocker” Grodin stood in his place and has since proven to be a valuable player. NRG went onto win the Esports Arena Tournament 4 on the same night rocker joined! While the following Esports Arena Tournament 5 was not as good for the team, they made up for it in the ALGS.

NRG claimed first place in Online Tournament 6, beating out the likes of Rogue, TSM, Complexity, and Sola Fide. Their victory here is a big win as they either finish low in the top 20 teams or don’t attend Online Tournaments at all. Perhaps this victory is a sign of their resurgence in the Online Tournament NA scene.

Unexpected developments

Although their storyline through this weekend is undoubtedly remarkable, Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen’s PC died during the group stages of the Online Tournament 6. They missed out on the first game with NRG playing as a duo on round two. By round three, Nate’s PC had a fresh install of Windows and Apex downloaded, and they came back to win the entire thing.

Furthermore, their resurgence could not have come at a better time. The new ALGS Summer Circuit comes into play on June 20. The Summer Circuit aims to promote the best each region has to offer. By winning the Online Tournament before the Circuit kicks off, NRG has placed themselves in a position to come back in an area where the top is shifting slightly.

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