Apex Legends Global Series Reveals Summer Circuit

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Apex Legends Global Series Reveals Summer Circuit

Respawn Entertainment and EA announce the latest summer tournament for Apex Legends Global Series.

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have revealed the latest tournament in the Apex Legends Global Series. The new Summer Circuit features six events for EMEA, North American, APAC north and APAC South. These four regions will each compete in several online tournaments to qualify in the regional playoffs. $500,000 is up for grabs throughout the entire event and will be Apex’s biggest event of the summer.

Format and More

Each region has five tournaments to qualify for the regional playoffs throughout four months of 2020. From June 20, teams will be able to participate in the first Super Regional Online tournament for their region. From then to August 16, teams will make their way up the ladder to earn their spot in the playoffs from September 12 -13.

The playoffs will bring each region’s best teams to a playoff battle. Finally, we will have a definitive answer to who the best teams are in each region. The only esports activity that Apex Legends has had is the Online Tournaments. Most of the time, we find ourselves with different teams winning each time. Now we can finally put an end to the questions of the age: Is TSM still NA’s most dominant? And who rules European Apex Legends?

Each region has different prize pools depending on the level of the competition. More money is awarded to the top three teams each Super Regional Cup in NA and EMEA. The same happens again in the Playoffs event, only this time the top 20 teams of the event gain some fraction of the $500k prize pool.

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Players who rank Gold IV or above on or before June 18 on the PC platform can sign up to the ALGS Summer Circuit. Registrations for the first event of the Summer Circuit begins on June 9. Interested players and teams can sign up using Battlefy here. The full blog post for the Apex Legends Summer Circuit is available here.

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