Apex Legends: Is the TSM Era Coming to an End?

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Apex Legends: Is the TSM Era Coming to an End?

TSM may no longer take trophies but it is still their era for now.

TSM’s winning streak in the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) came to an end on April 6th after Team Liquid Blue topped the Online Tournament #3. This trend continues as Rogue then finished first place in Online Tournament 4, which concluded April 20th. But there is one consistency amongst these two Online Tournaments. TSM finished second in both of those events.

TSM failing to win both Online Tournament 3 and 4 may seem like a fall from the top of NA. In reality, it’s far from it. North America has always been a close race with teams like Fnatic NA, Complexity, Rogue, NRG, Team Liquid and others vying for the top. On any given day, these teams may roar like lions or hunted like sheep. However, TSM only dropping from first place to second place is a sign they maintain themselves as a tier above the rest.

With the teams mentioned above. They can finish in the top 10, or fall below it depending on the final game day. The same thing consistently happens in Europe, where teams can win the entire thing one event, and then fail to earn prizemoney the next.

TSM and Consistency

Both Europe and North America demonstrate the fluctuation of results that come with the territory of competing in a Battle Royale. Although, TSM remains the outlier in this situation. By consistently securing top two, they are an entirely different class, event if NA talents are now catching up to them.

Despite this message, there is a chance that the TSM era may indeed come to an end. Rogue recently made roster moves due to Jordan “HusKers” Thomas retiring to focus on streaming on April 9th. Eric “Snip3down” Wrona joined Rogue albeit temporarily for Online Tournament #4 as a stand-in. With his first official showing with the roster, the team has managed to claim first place since TwitchCon 2019. held 12 months ago. Whether this move becomes permanent is unknown yet, but one that may very well upset the balance in North America.

North American Apex Legends certainly remains interesting. Surely the next Online Tournament on May 3rd will continue to add more spice.

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