Apex Legends: Lost Treasures Brings New LTM And Balance Changes

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Apex Legends: Lost Treasures Brings New LTM And Balance Changes

Lost Treasure is the latest update coming to Apex Legends. The update brings a new limited-time mode and balance changes to freshen up the game in Season 5.

Apex Legends newest update has just launched with tonnes of changes during this mid-season update. The latest update continues the trend of themed content based on the season’s narrative. The new patch adds balance changes for most of the Legends in the game. Let’s go through the most significant additions yet.

Limited Time Mode: Armed and Dangerous

The new Limited Time Mode is this season’s themed mode. The new game modes provide new ways to play the game, such as Crypto’s map room and the mobile revive stations. Crypto’s map room is on the south-east side of the map. The new location offers players the ability to see where teams are on the map, and most importantly, who is close to the Crypto’s room.

Also, each player will spawn with a portable respawn point in their inventory. This new device takes time to deploy, and teams must go through the same respawn process as before. So, players need to tactically use this in a safe point to get away with respawning their allies. Furthermore, the new mode does not have any traditional spawn points on King’s Canyon. Players must get smart and creative with this fun mechanic switch up.

Balance Changes:

Lots of legends have received new balance changes or bug fixes in this new update. Many of Apex Legends’ biggest offenders will receive nerfs to bring them back in line. The emphasis on this balance update is adding new reasons to bring some of Apex Legends more niche abilities.

Lifeline’s rework

  • Passive – Combat Revive now replaces Combat Medic.
  • Deploy D.O.C to revive teammates. D.O.C. will deploy a shield and revive Lifeline’s teammate, leaving Lifeline free to defend or revive someone else.
  • Tactical – Lifeline’s Tactical cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 60 seconds).
  • Ultimate – Lifeline’s Care Package now contains more items
  • Care Package will contain 3x more small healing items when it decides to spawn small healing items
  • Care Package will contain 2x more attachments when it decides to spawn attachments

Lifeline needed some medical attention herself after she fell off as the go-to medic option in the game. Mirage’s aggressive reviving made him much more favourable as the field medic when Season 5 first dropped. Respawn Entertainment has noticed this error, and these changes should see her competing in the reviving department once again.


Revenant’s tactical ability – Silence – will now cancel pathfinder mid-grapple and Wraith’s phase walk during the cast time. It will also prevent Mirage’s cloak revive, decoy activation and lifeline revive. This topped with the range removal on Death Totem means that Revenant is now scarier than ever.


Crypto is fine as a Legend but is a niche pick. Although he may see some pick rate increase with this slight change to his ultimate. His ultimate should now disable Wattson’s Pylons. But will this affect Wattson’s viability? Who knows?

There is plenty of changes coming in the new update. Check here for the official patch notes for Lost Treasures now live on Apex Legends servers.

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