Apex Legends is Latest Esports Game to Get a Mobile Version

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Apex Legends is Latest Esports Game to Get a Mobile Version

Apex Legends is heading to mobile devices around October 2020.

In a move surprising almost no one, Electronic Arts is porting one of its most popular titles to the lucrative mobile game market. The mobile version of Apex Legends has been a long time coming. But EA has finally confirmed a release date for the mobile version, pegging it sometime around October of 2020.

That’s a pretty long wait for a mobile version. EA CEO Andrew Wilson didn’t specify any exact reasons why the mobile version is taking so long. But with other esports games (such as PUBG, Fortnite, and most recently Call of Duty,) finding success on mobile platforms, one would think EA would strike while the Devotion LMG’s hot. Even though Respawn Games is committed to Apex for the long haul, a lot could change between now and October 2020.

When or perhaps it’s “if” at this point the mobile version does come out, it’ll be available for the usual mobile platforms of Apple iOS and Google Android.

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