Apex Legends & Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event: Huge Drama

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Apex Legends & Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event: Huge Drama

Apex Legends & Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event was Apex’s first video game collaboration. The event had unparalleled hype until a recent trailer brought up huge drama

Apex Legends finally got fans excited for it after a lackluster season 19 with the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event. However, the hype quickly turned into resentment when a recent trailer for the event showcased its unique pricing system for the event.

Link to the trailer:

Apex Legends & Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event: Why are Fans Upset?

Apex Legends & Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event: Huge Drama

The event is a collection event. These events usually need the player to purchase every skin that comes with the event to receive a rare cosmetic item. This event features two such items: the Buster Sword R5 and the one-winged deathbox skin.

The event has a total of 36 items to collect, including six iconic skins and the mythic Buster sword. Collecting all items will award the player with a one-winged deathbox skin.

Each item has to be unlocked through the purchase of event-specific Apex packs, which allow players to receive one item from the event with varying levels of rarity.

The controversy started when keen-eyed viewers of the trailer noticed something fishy about the pricing of event packs. They were priced at 1K Apex Coins each. This is opposed to regular event packs which usually cost 750 Apex packs.

The absurdity of the price spike is further highlighted when you buy all the packs to receive the one-winged deathbox. A player will have to spend 36k Apex coins, which would amount to $300 in real-world money.

Apex Legends & Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event: Huge Drama

On top of the ridiculous pricing of the packs, the deathbox skin that can be earned looks terrible, according to fans. A design so bad that it does not warrant the high pricing. Additionally, adding such a cosmetic means the loot pool of items in the game becomes further diluted. This complaint has existed for a while, with Apex constantly adding cosmetics for items no one has asked for.

What You Could Buy Instead of Skins for the Same Price:

Fans have also complained that the obscenely high price makes buying anything for the event redundant, as you can buy the entire Final Fantasy series at the same price. That is 16 games for the price of cosmetics in a game.

Here are a few other things you could buy at the same price that we thought it would be fun to include:

  • An Xbox Series S
  • A new Nintendo Switch
  • 4 new title releases
  • 10 different triple-A games from the PlayStation year-end sale 
  • A new phone
  • A bicycle


Apex had finally gotten some hype for the game with the announcement of the Final Fantasy event. EA, however, ruined the game’s excitement by spiking the prices of items for no good reason causing Apex Legends to fall under scrutiny once again.

Apex Legends & Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event: Huge Drama
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