All New Neutral Items Released in Dota 2 Patch 7.35

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All New Neutral Items Released in  Dota 2 Patch 7.35

Dota 2 update 7.35 brought a lot of changes to the game and that includes the neutral items. Here are the neutral items that got released this patch

We know, we know, it’s been a month since the new patch dropped, and we haven’t done our piece on the new Neutral items yet. Well, in our defense, we were busy grinding some MMR with Outworld Destroyer and Parasma, and it slipped our sight. Here – take our humble apology.

Now let’s get down to the brass tacks. This new update brought a lot to the game and as for the Neuts we got around 12 new items across the board. And though we had to say goodbye to some amazing items (Tumbler’s Toy, sigh) we got other excellent new options to replace them.

In this article, we’ll be walking you through all of these amazing new neutrals, dropping our own bits of tips and tricks, when needed. So let’s get started.

New Neutral Items in Dota 2 Patch 7.35

As we said, there are 12 new neutral items in the game since Patch 7.35 came out. So let’s take a look at each of them from Tier 1 through Tier 5:

Tier 1 Neutral Items

There are two new Tier 1 items in the game: Safety Bubble and Royal Jelly.

  • Safety Bubble:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182834.729

Credit: Dota 2

Safety Bubble is an entirely new Tier 1 item that provides an extra 5 HP regen to the hero who equips it. But what makes this item so good is that it also gives the wearer a 100 HP barrier that regenerates when you don’t take damage for 5 seconds.

It’s a great item for any hero at the early stages of the game. It basically gives you 100 extra health on your hero, which is a lot in the early game. It allows you to tank up without sacrificing any of your hard-earned gold.

  • Royal Jelly:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182836.092

Credit: Dota 2

Royal Jelly is finally returning to Dota 2 after a major rework. Back when it first came out in Patch 7.23, it used to give you a permanent health and mana regen buff when used on a hero. After the charges are consumed, the item gets removed.

However, the version that’s available now works a bit differently. In 7.35 and 7.35b, Royal Jelly still gives mana and health regen buff when used on yourself or a hero, but the item is not consumed. Instead, the charges are consumed, and it replenishes over time.

Tier 2 Neutral Items

For Tier 2 items, we got two new ones: Light Collector and Whisper of the Dread.

  • Light Collector

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182838.863

Credit: Dota 2

Light Collector gives the hero that equips it a 10% boost to his movement speed. In addition, the hero also gets an extra 6 Health regen during the day and 3 Mana regen regen during the night time. Thai bonus further gets doubled if the hero is away from trees.

The item also has an active component Lightbreak that destroys trees in a small AOE around the wearer. Heroes like Spirit Breaker or Zeus who like to have movespeed and suffer from low Mana Regen can benefit highly from this item.

  • Whisper of the Dread

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182840.383

Credit: Dota 2

Whisper of the Dread is the second new neutral item in the game. It gives you a flat 150 extra mana, making it a good choice for heroes with a relatively low mana pool.

It also provides a 10% boost to the wearer’s spell damage. However, the daytime vision of the user is reduced by 15%. So there’s a tradeoff here.

Tier 3 Neutral Items

We received 3 new Neutral items for Tier 3: Dubloon, Nemese Curse, and Craggy Coat.

  • Dubloon

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182837.586

Credit: Dota 2

Dubloon gives your hero a decent bit of health and mana regen, but the main thing about the item is its Active Toggle ability, Flip.

Using the item hotkey when equipped in your Neutral item slot converts 20% of your maximum health into mana. You can use the Flip ability again to convert 20% of your maximum mana into health.

Heroes like Storm Spirit or Outworld Destroyer can utilize this item pretty effectively.

  • Nemesis Curse:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182841.650

Credit: Dota 2

Nemesis Curse is straight up a damaged item that Carry heroes might want to pick up. It provides a flat 35 extra damage to the wearer. On hitting an enemy target, it also applies a debuff on them, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 12%.

There’s a catch here, however. The hero who equips this item also takes 8% more damage from all sources. So squishy cores or supports might not want to use this item all that much.

  • Craggy Coat:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182846.076

Credit: Dota 2

Craggy Coat is another returning neutral item to Dota 2. However, it has not been changed as much as Royal Jelly. When equipped, this item passively provides 6 bonus armor to the user.

The Active component of the item gives you an extra 12 armor but also reduces the movement speed by 30. It’s useful for tanky heroes who want to stay in the middle of the fight, soaking up enemy damage.

Tier 4 Neutral Items

There are 3 new Tier 4 neutral items in the game now: Ancient Guardian, Aviana’s Feather, and Rattlecage

  • Ancient Guardian:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182847.660

Credit: Dota 2

Ancient Guardian is another damage item in the game that gives the wearer a 50-damage bonus. It also comes with a passive called Ancient Power that gives an extra 50 damage if the hero is within the 2000 Range of an Ancient Creep unit.

  • Aviana’s Feather:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182842.969

Credit: Dota 2

Aviana’s Feather gives you a decent bit of evasion and movement speed. But frankly, the unique passive that this item comes with is what makes it stand out.

The Free Bird passive in the item gives your hero flying movement anytime your health falls below 30% of your maximum HP. That, combined with the bonus move speed that it provides, gives your hero a lot of escape potential.

  • Rattlecage:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182846.942

Credit: Dota 2

Rattlecage is an excellent neutral item if you want to tank up. The item gives you 12 extra armor without any penalty.

It also comes with a powerful passive called Reverberate. Any time your hero takes 180 damage from an enemy source, you fire two projectiles at nearby enemies that deal physical damage and inflict Slow on the target.

Tier 5 Neutral Items

There are currently two new neutral items added to the game after 7.35: Magic Lamp, and Unwavering Condition.

  • Magic Lamp:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182845.233

Credit: Dota 2

Magic Lamp is what you would get if you combined Aeon Disk with Mekansm and put both of them on steroids! This item offers no attribute bonus at all.

Instead, it comes with a powerful passive called Rejuvenate that automatically restores 1000 Health to your hero when your health drops below 20% of your maximum HP. This ability has a 60-second cooldown, though, so use it carefully.

  • Unwavering Condition:

pasted image 0 2024 01 14T182843.954

Credit: Dota 2

Unwavering Condition is a completely new neutral item that gives you a bonus 95% magic resistance. In other words, the damage from enemy spells will barely tickle you.

However, it also comes with a huge penalty. When equipped, the maximum health of your hero is locked at 1500, and it can’t be increased with items. So you need to think carefully about whether you want to get this item or not.

The Bottom Line

The addition of new neutral items brings a lot of freshness to the game that we all know and love. And though a couple of these neutral items are reworks of old ones, we’re pretty happy with what we got with the update.

Hopefully, our in-depth exploration of the different neutral items that are added to the game can give you a fresh perspective on how to utilize them better. Good luck!

All New Neutral Items Released in  Dota 2 Patch 7.35
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