ALGS Bug Kills Champs in First Match: Ground 1 – DarkZero 0

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ALGS Bug Kills Champs in First Match: Ground 1 – DarkZero 0

An ALGS bug has managed to defeat the reigning champions in the very first match of the new season.

The Apex Legends Global Series has just started off its 22-23 season. This is Apex’s premier tournament and fans probably expect a level of polish to go along with that status. That wasn’t what you got if you tuned in over the weekend. An ALGS glitch killed reigning champions DeadZero. Last Season’s winners were taken down by the game itself and in the first round of the first event for the entire season.

A glitch defeated the current world champions, only in their first outing for this set of tournaments. Despite launching a new Season pretty recently, it seems the game hasn't been entirely smoothed out. This isn’t the first time this bug has caused major problems. The opening match had a particularly high-profile victim this time around though one that brings into focus some of the problems with the game’s competitive play.

This is what went down and why some of the top Apex players were defeated by the actual ground.

ALGS Bug Kills Reigning Champs

The first match for the new season of the ALGS saw reigning champions DarkZero competing alongside other North American teams. This is the team’s first season in North America. They relocated after their surprise win to take advantage of better connectivity. It seems they haven’t found that, though, as the build of Apex for the event had its own ideas.

In the very first game, DarkZero was hit by a huge ALGS bug.

Mid-way through an Ult, the team randomly moved to a nearby patch of grass. Here, they seem to be essentially stuck to the floor. Players are struggling to move and basically pinned down. With the game blocking them from repositioning or really moving at all, they died off before the next circle.

The ALGS bug seems to have happened while Ulting. A player was attempting to use Valkyrie’s Ult, before the game bugged them out. The move would have taken the team to a better position in the next zone. Instead, it pinned them and ended their debut game.

The ALGS bug is pretty jarring to watch for an opening game in Apex’s biggest tournament. It’s not the first-time bugs have caused chaos in competitive events. Having it happen in the very first match is definitely disappointing, though. Apex can’t really operate these high-profile tournaments if teams are getting eliminated through bugs in the game. It’s not exactly fair.

A previous high-profile glitch happened to FOR7 at the ALGS. The bug has also been reported pretty widely in private lobbies, which lines up with it happening during tournaments. These bugs are a problem. With another season of esports events starting up, fans might have hoped the developers had done something about it, though.

DarkZero at ALGS

Dark Zero Esports - ALGS bug kills reigning champs in first game

DarkZero getting eliminated by an ALGS bug is a bit of a hit to the team. It didn’t happen right off the bat though they did manage to place eighth. Although, we don’t know how the game would have played out had it not basically kicked them for no reason.

The team managed to win the last ALGS finals after a surprising run, going from an outside pick to being one of the favorites for the game. They will likely be one of the main teams that fans watch out for at future events. Despite the bug killing them, Darkzero still finished decently in the standings. The Apex Legends Global Series is a fairly long series of tournaments. They have loads of time to recover from this slight slip!

ALGS Bug Kills Champs in First Match: Ground 1 – DarkZero 0
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