Apex Legends: DarkZero Esports Win 1st Place At ALGS Championship 2022

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Apex Legends: DarkZero Esports Win 1st Place At ALGS Championship 2022

DarkZero Esports have claimed their victory at the Apex Legends Global Series Championship held at PNC Arena in Raleigh, California.

This is the Australian roster's second LAN victory in a row after securing a win at the Stockholm Split 2 Playoffs with last-minute substitute Jake ‘Jmw' Walters, subbing for Ozkose who contracted COVID-19 all of a sudden. The team previously competed under Japanese Esports Organization Reignite but parted ways with them due to internal reasons right before ALGS, allowing DarkZero to pick up the trio.

The roster that consists of Rhys “Zer0” Perry, Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose and Rick “Sharky” Wirth took home the $500,000 cash prize alongside claiming their title of the best Apex team in the world. After failing to score a kill on the starting two maps, the trio steadily gained their momentum in the championship and hit match point in Round 8. After scoring 13 eliminations in the final round, Round 9, DarkZero was declared World Champions.

After scoring 50 points in 5 rounds, FURIA were looking to dominate the Finals but failed to sustain their momentum later in the game and weren't able to secure the title. In a nail-biting finale, DarkZero battled Spacestation Gaming to secure their place as the Apex Legends World Champions. The Aussie roster secured 6 kills in the final round on Storm Point, battling big names such as Team Liquid and NRG.

Apex fans have received official confirmation that the tournament will return for its third outing next year through ALGS Caster Raynday. “Year three is coming and Apex Legends Global Series is just getting started… it is going to get even better next year”, said the Esports Caster live on Sunday, right after DarkZero claimed their ALGS title. Apex fans can re-watch the finals through the publisher's official ALGS Twitch channel here.

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