AFK Journey Stargaze Station Best Hero Choice

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AFK Journey Stargaze Station Best Hero Choice

The Stargaze Station is unlocked once you've pulled 400 times, but once you unlock it, who is the Best Hero to focus on?

So, you've done the hard yards, you've unlocked the Stargaze Station but who are these four new handsome devils you can pick? Now, for free-2-play players, or those who only spend a little, the Stargaze Station is very much a long-term goal. This place is the whale zone, and it's not afraid to admit it.

Once you pull 40 times, you will get the Hero you select, sadly, it will take a long time to get to 40, but your first 5 or so are fairly easy. Before we start, it's worth noting that for 30,000 Guild Coins, you can unlock any of the Stargaze Station Hero characters, but, that's a lot.

So, let's take a look at the the Stargaze Station best hero choices, in our opinion.

Stargaze options

Stargaze Station Best Hero

We'll keep it simple, this is the order you should get them if you want to get them in the “best” order

  1. Reinier
  2. Scarlita
  3. Dionel
  4. Berial


Reinier AFK Journey

Reinier is the most obvious pick for the first spot here. His kit as a support is very powerful, allowing him to work well across all game modes and crucially he doesn't require much upgrading to be powerful. His healing isn't strong, so you should pair him with a healer, or a high self-sustain team. Reinier is also neutral, which means he can beenifit from other faction buffs.

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Scarlita AFK Journey

A strong Warrior hero that does best in story content and PvP, though remains a solid option across all game modes. Scarlita is specifically a very good option for the Skyclops boss fight. Scarlita, unlike Reinier does require some investment to hit her best, meaning you'll need multiple pulls to get the best out of her.


Dionel AFK Journey

Dionel has one gimmick, and he does it very well. Do lots of constant AoE damage. This makes him a strong Marksman for any story content, but he falls behind outside of that. A major issue with Dionel right now is that, for PvP at least, it's not possible to get him “online” enough to do much outside of “do damage”.


Berial AFK Journey

Berial is the weakest of the bunch, with his only major bonus being that being a neutral faction he can benefit from faction buffs. Berial can shine in PvP, and it's probably the one area which he is strong.

How to Unlock the Stargaze Station

Stargaze Station is unlocked after doing 400 regular summons on anything in the banner store. Unlocking the Stargaze Station is not a fast process if you are free-2-play, but it will happen eventually. If you are willing to spend a small amount on the game, you can speed the process up rapidly.

AFK Journey Stargaze Station Best Hero Choice
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