How to Get The Stargaze Station in AFK Journey

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How to Get The Stargaze Station in AFK Journey

The Stargaze Station is an option locked off for players just starting out. We will look into what it is and how to get it in this article.

AFK Journey has multiple ways to get summonings and get new Heroes to play with. One of the ways to get a guaranteed summons in the game is the Stargaze Station. You can find the Stargaze Station next to your Epic Recruitment button. Unfortunately, you cannot use it immediately in the game.

What is The Stargaze Station and How to Unlock It?

The Stargaze Station is the premium summoning pool in the game. It allows you to select one Celestial or Hypogean Hero that you can unlock. The Stargaze Station allows you to unlock the character you selected after 40 summons.

Stargaze Station is unlocked after doing 400 regular summons. Most players will not be able to unlock it very fast but the game provides multiple other ways to access characters that are available in the Stargaze Station.

What Loot Does The Stargaze Station Have?

The Stargaze Station provides a wide range of loot in it. We’ve compiled a list of unlockables you can get from the loot pool.

Item Drop Rate
Selected Celestial or Hypogean 3.25% (Guaranteed after 40 summons)
5 Dazzling Stones 0.5%
1 Dazzling Stone 3.0%
5 Ruins Stones 10%
1 Ruin Stone 20%
9,999 Diamonds 0.1%
6,666 Diamonds 0.25%
3,000 Diamonds 0.5%
4 Omni-Acorn 20%
2 Omni-Acorn 42,4%
How to Get The Stargaze Station in AFK Journey
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