AFK Journey Banners Explained: Pity, Rates, Diamonds

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AFK Journey Banners Explained: Pity, Rates, Diamonds

Going through all of the AFK Journey banners, listing their differences in drop rate and how many invite letters you need to roll on them.

AFK Journey Banners is half of what makes the game enjoyable. The game showers you with tons of goodies at the start to encourage players to try AFK 2's extremely generous pity system. But like any gacha experience, it's easy to feel overwhelmed at the start.

Hundreds of Diamonds, different types of Invite Letters and heaps of Gold are given to you once you start playing. And knowing how to spend these wisely is key to maximizing your rewards in-game. With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about AFK Journey banners.

AFK Journey Banners Explained

To access the AFK Journey banners, head over to the Mystic House and click on the “Noble Tavern”. The sign will also display which heroes have an increased recruit rate!

There are four AFK Journey Banners in the game.

Rate Up Recruitment

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AFK Journey's Rate Up Recruitment banner offers lower rolls for a guaranteed S-tier hero. This banner also gives increased chance on the characters you have on your “A-level Hero Wish List”. Use Rate Up Invite Letters (3000 Diamonds) to roll on the Rate Up Recruitment banner,

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Rate Up Recruitment Prize Pool Rates:

  • Rate Up Hero (3.0%)
  • A-Level Hero Wish List (10%)
  • Omni-Acorn x30 (1.5%)
  • Omni-Acorn x4 (15%)
  • Omni-Acorn x1 (70.5%)

All-Hero Recruitment

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This AFK Journey banner offers all of the 30+ heroes in the game, while also giving a considerably merciful pity on S-level heroes. Use Invite Letters (2700 Diamonds) to roll on the All-Hero Recruitment banner,

All-Hero Recruitment Prize Pool Rates:

  • S-Level Hero Wish List (2.05%)
  • A-Level Hero Wish List (22.4%)
  • Faction Acorn x30 (0.5%)
  • Faction Acorn x4 (15%)
  • Faction Acorn x1 (59.95%)


Epic Recruitment

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Epic Recruitment is an AFK Journey banner that prioritizes the Epic heroes. To guarantee one of these ultra-rare units, you'll have to recruit 30 cards on the banner. Use Epic Invite Letters (found while exploring/at the in-game Trolley shop) to roll on the Epic Recruitment banner.

Epic Recruitment Prize Pool Rates:

  • Epic Hero Recruitment (5.22%)
  • A-Level Hero Wish List (18.75%)
  • Omni-Acorn x30 (1.0%)
  • Omni-Acorn x4 (25%)
  • Omni-Acorn x1 (50.03%)

Stargaze Station

Lastly, the Stargaze Station is a banner which only offers two of the strongest hero types, namely: Hypogean and Celestial units. Only having these specialized units makes Stargaze Station have the smallest hero pool. Use Stellar Crystals (found in the Recruitment Store/Guild Store) to roll on the Stargaze Station.

AFK Journey's rare gacha elements let you earn powerful and unique heroes through a random number generator (or “RNG”) system. This mechanic increases your chance to win incredibly strong characters the more you roll.

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AFK Journey Banners: Pity Explained

AFK Journey banners let you roll the dice for rare and powerful heroes, but sometimes players get really unlucky. So to keep you from a losing streak, AFK 2 implements a very forgiving “pity” system.

Pity allows players to get a guaranteed roll on a character once they've already rolled a set amount of times. This is a win-win, since players that work hard eventually get their prize, and the devs get to keep their playerbase. And as with most gacha RPGs, AFK Journey's pity “resets” every time you get the featured S-tier character on the banner.

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