AFK Journey Factions Explained

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AFK Journey Factions Explained

In AFK Journey, in addition to there being classes and archetypes to distinguish the characters, there are also factions. The AFK Journey factions are very important to the economy of the game and are not only to give context to the game but will also allow you to have certain bonuses over others.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about the factions in AFK Journey so that you can know how to best approach the game. After this reading, in fact, the faction system in AFK Journey will no longer have secrets for you.

AFK Journey Factions

There are six AFK Journey factions (Maulers, Lightbearers, Wilders, Graveborn, Celestial, Hypogean) and each of them has characters that are part of it. As we have already said, factions are a very important thing in AFK Journey because, once you have been able to get enough characters that belong to that faction, you can get faction bonuses.


The Maulers are like a tough group of fighters. They think being strong is super important, and they measure the value of things or people based on how tough and useful they are. Sometimes, you might hear stories about some Maulers teaming up with the Hypogeans, but that doesn't happen very often. Overall, they're mostly loyal to Dura and are fighting on her side.

  • Antandra
  • Brutus
  • Koko
  • Kruger
  • Lumont
  • Odie
  • Rhys
  • Satrana
  • Seth
  • Shakir
  • Smokey & Meerky
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AFK Journey Factions


The Lightbearers are like Dura's special heroes. They fight for her cause. They mostly battle against the Hypogeans, Maulers, and Graveborns. Their big mission is to make Esperia safe from all the bad stuff.

  • Atalanta
  • Cassadee
  • Fay
  • Korin
  • Lucius
  • Marilee
  • Mirael
  • Rowan
  • Temesia
  • Vala
  • Valen
  • Walker


The Wilders are like magic forest experts. They're super connected to the forest and this giant tree called Yggdrasil. Their special abilities often show off this foresty magic. Legends say that Dura, the big boss, planted Yggdrasil and gave the Wilders a special spring of life as a goodbye present.

  • Arden
  • Bryon
  • Damian
  • Eironn
  • Granny Dahnie
  • Hewynn
  • Kafra
  • Lyca
  • Parisa


The Graveborn are like spooky heroes who are all about death. They've been brought back as undead and they're really into dark magic and stuff like that, all in the pursuit of living forever. But, nobody's totally sure if they're on the Hypogeans' side or not.

  • Carolina
  • Cecia
  • Igor
  • Niru
  • Salazer
  • Silvina
  • Thoran
  • Viperian


The Celestials are a main faction in AFK Arena and Journey. Their main job is to wipe out the Hypogeans and any other darkness hanging around in Esperia. They're like the heroes on a big quest to make everything bright and happy again.

  • Dionel
  • Scarlita


The Hypogeans are like the big baddies in AFK Arena and in Journey too. Their whole deal is to wreck anything made by Dura by spreading evil everywhere in Esperia. They're basically the troublemakers causing chaos in the land.

  • Berial
  • Reinier
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AFK Journey Factions

Faction Bonus

As we have already mentioned previously, if you have a certain number of characters who belong to the same factions, you can have access to bonuses that will certainly be advantageous during your adventure. But let's see together how it works exactly so that you are prepared when you have to face this system.

When you have 3 or more heroes from the same group on your team, all their attack and health get a boost. The more heroes you have, the bigger the boost: +10%, +14%, +18%, or +22%, depending on how many heroes you have. Celestials and Hypogeans count as heroes from any group when you're counting up for these boosts. And for each Celestial or Hypogean on your team, every hero's attack and health get an extra 1% boost.

Faction Strategies

In addition to bonuses, there are also strategies that you need to keep in mind in AFK Journey when talking about factions. In fact, thanks to this feature, we know that some factions are stronger or weaker if they compete with a certain faction. Specifically, the damage dealt increases by 15% when the target is weak to your faction; otherwise, the damage dealt decreases by 15%.

AFK Journey Factions Explained
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