AFK Journey Skyclops Boss Fight Guide

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AFK Journey Skyclops Boss Fight Guide

AFK Journey gives you the chance to face different bosses, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. One of them is the AFK Journey Skyclops boss. If you are reading this article, it is because it has put you in difficulty and you are looking for a way to defeat it without it becoming a titanic undertaking.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about this AFK Journey boss, his way of attacking, and the characters you should use to get the upper hand during the fight. As usual, in fact, what makes the difference in this game are the characters that make up your team.

AFK Journey Skyclops Boss Overview

Skyclops is one of the four bosses you will encounter in the Dream Realm. If you don't use the right strategy, this boss could be quite complicated to defeat, as he has moves in his arsenal that can put you in serious difficulty. As a result, you have to be very careful about how you proceed.

During the battle, Skyclops is like a big bully, targeting the player's closest character right from the start. It won't leave them alone; it will hit them over and over again. Sometimes, it takes a break from hitting to summon four little helpers or shoot a laser that blasts everything in sight.

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Now, when Skyclops brings in these little helpers, it's like putting on armor. It becomes really hard to hurt, like hitting a brick wall, whether with punches or magical spells. And here's the tricky part: it switches between being tough against punches and magic each time it brings in its minions. That's why having characters who can deal true damage is like having a secret weapon. They can hurt Skyclops no matter what kind of armor it's wearing, which is super important if you want to win this fight.

AFK Journey Skyclops

How to Beat Skyclops in AFK Journey

Now that we have provided you with a general overview of the behavior of this boss in AFK Journey, the time has come to give you even more targeted advice to try to get the better of him and win the battle. It's not a simple battle, that's true, but with the right precautions, you will be able to overcome this challenge.

In the beginning of the fight, you can use any tough guy character to be your tank. They're the ones who take all the hits for your team. But remember, they don't dish out much damage themselves, so later on, you might want to change things up and go for a more aggressive approach.

As you progress through the game, it's a smart move to let Smokey & Meerky or Kruger take on the big boss role. They can handle it if they can stay alive long enough, and this frees up space for more heavy hitters and support characters to join your team. Make sure to get rid of any little bad guys that pop up quickly so your tank can stay in the game.

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Characters who can shield your tank or who have special powers to attack lots of enemies at once are really useful here. And don't forget that those sweeping laser attacks are super dangerous, especially early on. They can wipe out your whole team if you're not careful, especially before you've got enough time on the endless mode clock.

Characters and Teams

As in other cases where you have to face the bosses present in AFK Journey, to defeat Skyclops, you need a team made up of specific characters to get the better of this boss. We have already given you some advice, but now let's see exactly which characters you should use in your team to defeat this AFK Journey boss.


  • Smokey & Meerky


  • Odie
  • Marilee
  • Korin
  • Scarlita
  • Cassadee


  • Smokey & Meerky


  • Reinier
  • Kruger


  • Smokey & Meerky
AFK Journey Skyclops Boss Fight Guide
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