A Guide To Finding Sunstone in Return to Moria

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A Guide To Finding Sunstone in Return to Moria

If you’re looking for sunstone, check out our guide to finding sunstone in Return to Moria.

In the once beautiful kingdom of Khazad-dûm you can find a valuable resource known as Sunstone. This precious mineral is not easily obtained; it resides within the treacherous depths of The Darkest Deeps, accessible only with the finest tools or after overcoming the most formidable adversaries lurking in the caves of Moria.

Embarking on the quest for Sunstone is not without its perils, but the rewards outweigh the risks. Sunstone proves to be an indispensable crafting material, essential for creating an item crucial to advancing the storyline. So use this guide stands as a reliable companion, offering assistance on the perilous journey ahead.

Challenges You May Face while Finding Sunstone 

Within one of these caverns lies a ravine with two planks, reminiscent of the Lower Deeps. Carefully descend into this crevice, being mindful of the drop, to uncover a trove of rare and precious ores and resources, including the coveted Sunstone. 

Use platforms or ladders for a cautious descent and ensure you have the necessary resources to construct a Stone Hearth and a Mapstone, facilitating easy travel.

Be careful in these depths for you may encounter enemies here. Before each descent into such places, be prepared to swiftly retreat to your hearth and Map Stone. It's advisable to bring down provisions, formidable weapons and armor, and even a healing brew. 

Alternatively, embrace the reality that you may face repeated challenges, choosing whether to spend healing items in the pursuit of Sunstone's elusive brilliance.

Finding Sunstone in Return to Moria

To obtain Sunstone in Return to Moria, head to the Dark Mineshaft of Dwarrodelf. The main focus in this area is mining for Sunstone, specifically from ore veins labeled as ‘precious gems.' These veins house various resources, including Sunstone. To efficiently gather Sunstone, thoroughly explore the Dark Mineshaft and extract precious gems encountered along the way.

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A Guide To Finding Sunstone in Return to Moria
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In addition to the veins, you'll find deposits of precious gems. These deposits provide a wider range of resources, are quicker to mine, replenish over time, and yield more Sunstone if that specific gem is inside. Farming these plentiful deposits proves to be a faster method for obtaining Sunstone compared to delving into the veins.

As many recipes requiring Sunstone typically call for two or three gems, stockpiling becomes crucial. The optimal location for accumulating Sunstone is in the Darkest Deeps of Dwarrowdelf. Similar to the Lower Deeps, entrances to the Darkest Deeps areas are concealed within crevices featuring two planks, often found in dead-end rooms.

As you progress in the game, particularly after repairing Durin's Axe and reaching the Crossroads, you'll encounter more Adamant veins with gem deposits. Areas extending all the way to Baranzinbar provide mining opportunities containing Sunstone. Delving into the Darkest Deeps beneath the city further expands chances to amass a substantial supply of this valuable resource.

How Can I Get Sunstone In The Game

Obtaining Sunstone in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria involves two distinct methods. Players can either defeat a Troll King, with a chance of obtaining Sunstone as a random drop, or venture into the depths of Moria to mine the stone using specialized tools.

Defeating The Troll King

Choosing to face the Troll King early in the game might help you get Sunstone sooner. Keep in mind, though, that the Troll King is tough, and you're not guaranteed to get Sunstone even if you defeat them. You can find these powerful foes in different spots in Moria. Even without Sunstone, you'll still get valuable rewards for your efforts.


To embark on the mining route, players need to progress further in the storyline, reaching the Barazinbar and The Darkest Deeps areas. Within these locations, exploration along the cave walls is necessary to discover various ore veins.

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Identifying Sunstone involves searching for ore veins that exhibit a shimmering brown, green, or orange hue, as well as those with a distinctive red glow. It's imperative to note that mining Sunstone requires a Tier 4 Pickaxe, a tool you can craft from gathered Ironwood.

Upon acquiring the necessary materials, players unlock the ability to craft a significant item: Durin's Axe. This item is pivotal for advancing the storyline and represents a crucial step in the player's journey within the game.

Unlocking Recipes With Sunstone

Here are a few recipes you unlock once you obtain sunstone in the game.

Durin's Axe (Masterwork)

Sunstone, when incorporated into Durin's Axe, enhances its sharpness and striking power. The gem's radiant energy augments the axe's cutting edge, making it a formidable weapon against the denizens of Moria.

Durin's Guard Shield

Sunstone embedded within Durin's Guard Shield grants it exceptional protection against both physical and magical attacks. The gem's radiant properties deflect incoming blows and dispel harmful enchantments, safeguarding the wielder from harm.

A Guide To Finding Sunstone in Return to Moria
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Durin's Guard Helmet

Sunstone infused into Durin's Guard Helmet bolsters the wearer's resilience and fortitude. The gem's radiant energy strengthens the helmet, shielding the wearer's head from both physical blows and the corrupting influence of darkness.

Durin's Gloves

Sunstone integrated into Durin's Gloves enhances the wearer's dexterity and precision. The gem's radiant energy guides the wearer's movements, granting them exceptional control over weapons and tools.

Durin's Guard Boots

Sunstone embedded within Durin's Guard Boots grants the wearer increased agility and protection. The gem's radiant energy reinforces the boots, enabling swift movement and safeguarding the wearer's feet from treacherous terrain.

Durin’s Lamp

Sunstone serves as the heart of the Durin’s Lamp, an artifact of dwarven craftsmanship that dispels darkness and illuminates hidden passages. The gem's radiant energy powers the lamp's magical glow, guiding adventurers through the depths of Moria.

Summing Up

That covers all the methods you can use to acquire Sunstone in Return to Moria. Hope this guide helps you find this valuable resource and craft many powerful weapons and tools!

A Guide To Finding Sunstone in Return to Moria
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