How To Defeat Troll King In Return To Moria

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How To Defeat Troll King In Return To Moria

Having difficulty defeating the Troll King In Return to Moria? Check out our guide on how you can stand victorious when coming across the Troll King

Step into the ultimate guide designed to assist you in conquering the formidable Troll King in Khazaddûm in Return to Moria. Within these insights, we aim to provide you with an in-depth guide to the tactics, strategies, and essential weapons needed for victory.

Prepare to face the challenge that the Troll King presents and arm yourself with the knowledge required for a successful battle. Join us as we delve into the labyrinthine corridors of Dwarrowdelf, and brace yourself to confront this imposing adversary.

Who is The Troll King?

The Troll King fights similarly to a Normal Unarmed Troll, depending on brute force and melee strikes to dominate opponents. However, there's a significant aspect that distinguishes the Troll King's combat style.

Attack Pattern: The Troll King’s combat style mimics that of a Normal Unarmed Troll, relying predominantly on brute force and close combat maneuvers to overpower adversaries. However, it distinguishes itself through a significant variation in its fighting strategy.

The Shadow Curse: A hallmark of the Troll King's attacks is the dreaded Shadow Curse. This sinister enchantment is triggered upon impact, resulting in a substantial and lasting reduction in your HP. Conventional means cannot remove this curse, presenting a challenge that demands a direct confrontation.

The Charge Attack: Alongside the Shadow Curse, the Troll King employs a powerful charge attack. When it charges forward, it leaves behind a trail of the Shadow Curse for a brief duration. However, there’s an opportunity within this move—when it collides with a wall, it becomes momentarily stunned. This vulnerability provides a short but crucial window for effective counterattacks.

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How To Defeat Troll King In Return To Moria

To enhance your chances against the Troll King, thorough preparation is essential. Here are some key steps to take before stepping into battle:

How To Defeat Troll King In Return To Moria
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Practice with Normal Unarmed Trolls: Prior to facing the Troll King, it’s highly advisable to practice combat against regular Unarmed Trolls. This preparation allows you to familiarize yourself with their attack patterns and hone your dodging skills, ultimately making the encounter with the Troll King more manageable.

Weapon and Armor: Equipping yourself with at least Tier 4 Weapon and Armor is paramount for this encounter. Trolls pose as formidable adversaries, and standard weaponry might not suffice. Higher-tier gear significantly enhances your chances of overcoming the Troll King with reduced difficulty, considering that all weapons deal diminished damage against trolls.

Strategies For Victory Against The Troll King

Now that you're well-prepared let's discuss winning strategies for the Troll King boss fight:

Countering the Shadow Curse: To counter the effects of the Shadow Curse, it’s vital to craft a Durin’s Lamp. This item acts as a protective shield against the dark magic, allowing you to endure the relentless assaults of the Troll King. Ensure you have one in your inventory before engaging in the fight to bolster your defense.

Exploit the Charge Attack: Despite its formidable nature, the Troll King’s charge attack presents an exploitable opportunity. When it collides with a wall, it becomes momentarily stunned. Seize this moment to unleash your most potent attacks, dealing significant damage while the Troll King is vulnerable. This window of vulnerability is prime for inflicting substantial damage.

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What You Need To Have Before The Fight

To face the Troll King, essential items and strategies are crucial. One such item, Durin’s Lamp, is pivotal in combating the Shadow Curse. Craftable using materials and blueprints found in Dwarrowdelf, this lamp stands as the sole defense against the Shadow Curse. Without it, the curse remains unremovable, making it a vital asset during the battle.

While it’s feasible to battle the Troll King with lower-tier gear, it's strongly advised to equip at least Tier 4 Weapons and Armor for a more manageable encounter. Strategy is also key during the battle. Keeping a safe distance when the Troll King charges and counter-attacking when it's stunned is recommended. Additionally, practice dodging its regular attacks to minimize the inflicted damage.

The absence of Durin’s Lamp during the battle will lead to enduring the full effects of the Shadow Curse. This intensifies the challenge significantly, making the battle notably harder. Acquiring Tier 4 equipment requires exploration and resource gathering in various areas of the game, aiming to repair statues for the necessary gear upgrades.


Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of the Troll King’s attack patterns and the importance of Durin’s Lamp, you’re well-prepared to take on this epic boss fight in the Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. Practice your combat skills, gear up with a Tier 4 weapon, and face this formidable foe with confidence. Victory awaits those who are ready.

How To Defeat Troll King In Return To Moria
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