CS:GO: 6 Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Using an AWP

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CS:GO: 6 Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Using an AWP

We go over six mistakes you definitely want to avoid if you're playing with CS:GO's AWP.

Despite the fact that many people who play CS:GO focus on using rifles, the AWP is probably the most popular weapon in the game. Most players are more than happy when they can use it. With that being said, only a few of them know what they’re doing and how to utilize it.

Even the best players in the world make mistakes, but there are a few things that you have to avoid at all costs. Doing the actions mentioned above will usually have a negative impact on your playstyle and will cause you to die more frequently. So, let’s go over a few important mistakes you must be aware of.

1. Being static

Everyone knows that the AWP is the most powerful rifle in the game. Hence, people who get it try to make the most of it by killing at least a couple of opponents. Sadly, most of them forget that they need to change their position, which means they are often static.

Being static has advantages because it will allow you to keep an eye on a given angle much more easily. What’s more, you should be able to hit your shots because the scope should be placed in a position that will allow you to shoot once someone shows up.

Sadly, this is where the positives end. Being static and missing your shot means the enemy team will know your position. This will allow them to throw Smokes/Flashes or help their AWPer get the kill. 

Speaking of having a static position, you should try to cover different parts on the map at least a few times per match. Once the opponents learn you are always on Long or Short, they will avoid those places.

2. Do not do the same thing every round

Although this could be added to the previous chapter, we’ve decided to pay more attention to it. Doing the same thing every round is easy, but it is not recommended, especially if you are an AWPer. Aside from choosing the same position, you have to change the way you use your utilities and playstyle.

For example, there are many cases where you can be aggressive and catch your enemies off guard. This mainly applies to the CT side because your opponents won’t expect you to rush.

3. Not looking at your demos 

Usually, people can’t see their mistakes while playing. Everyone thinks that they make no mistakes, which is definitely not the case.

The good news is that CS:GO is among the games that allow players to review their demos. Although this could be annoying and time-consuming, it is one of the best things you can do if you want to avoid inevitable mistakes.

If you decide to watch your demo, keep an eye on the things you should have done instead of what you did. Sometimes even the slightest movements can drastically impact your overall result.

Speaking of results, you can also watch some of the best AWP players in action and try to do the same things as them. This could work in some situations, but keep in mind that the best players in the world are also playing against top-notch players. Hence, some of their movement and utility usage may not be effective in random matchmaking games.

4. Becoming an easy target

Aside from having a static position, another common mistake made by players is related to the angles they take. In an attempt to kill more players, some AWPers hold places that allow them to become easy targets for others. In other words, they can be attacked from multiple angles, which is always a bad sign for an AWPer.

The fact that you want to cover multiple angles at once is good, but it is not always worth it. Sure, you may score one kill, but if your opponents peak from every angle, you will die in seconds. Needless to say, trading an AWP for a single kill on the CT side is not a good idea.

5. Not peeking properly

We’ve already covered some information about how to peek in CS:GO and the advantages and disadvantages of every style. Despite that, this continues to be one of the biggest problems and most common mistakes for many AWP players.

Although we want to help you learn how to peek with this weapon, it is impossible to list every scenario. Hence, it is up to you to decide which peeking style to use for the specific situation.

For example, it is not advisable to do a shoulder peek if you know that the opponent’s AWP player is waiting for you to show up. In situations like these, you should try to fake jump or crouch. If the other player misses you, you will have the advantage and should be able to land an easy kill if he shows up.

6. Not knowing which fights they can win

The fact that the AWP is one of the most expensive and most potent weapons in the game doesn’t mean it is invisible. Sure, you can kill any player in seconds if you land a clear shot, but your opponents can also kill you pretty quickly. That’s why one of the things you need to learn before you start playing is about the fights you can and can’t win.

For example, everyone knows that the AWP excels in long-range combat. This means that if someone is shooting with an AK-47 from miles away, you should be able to peek and kill him with little to no effort. However, if the same person is close to you, you should not attempt to do the same things because it is much riskier. Besides being sprayed down, you can receive a random headshot and die before firing a single shot.

Aside from the rifle combats, you should try to avoid your opponents’ utility items. Once they know you are holding a specific position with an AWP, they will try to throw Molotovs and Grenades to kill you. Needless to say, this means that once you shoot, you should go to another position.

CS:GO: 6 Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Using an AWP
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