CS:GO: The Most Common Mistakes in CS:GO

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CS:GO: The Most Common Mistakes in CS:GO

ESTNN takes you through some of the most common mistakes that ruin a good game of CS:GO

Although many people play for fun, most players are interested in CS:GO because of its competitiveness. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at the game, which often leads to loads of game-losing mistakes.

Since CS:GO is a fast-paced shooter, every mistake can be fatal, especially in some situations. Even the best players in the world make mistakes, but there are certain things that you can avoid. And we'll go over each of them in this article.

Not using the correct in-game settings

The first problem many people encounter when they start playing CS:GO is setting up their in-game settings. We’ve got a dedicated article about the best settings in CS:GO, so make sure to check it if you want to see what to add.

To make a long story short, players need to adjust their crosshair’s size, network settings, jump keys, and so on. Even though some of those things don’t seem important now, they will have an impact later on.

Always reloading after killing someone

A few things in life are as satisfying as landing a kill in CS:GO. Whether you use an AWP or any other weapon in the game, killing someone gives your team an advantage. Sadly, some players fail to make use of this moment because they decide to reload their weapons right away.

There are situations where this might be fine (for example, you could reload if you are 100% sure that there is no one else). However, some players always reload their weapons, even if they know that there are more people on the enemy team. The best thing you could do in such situations is to use all of your current ammo and switch to your pistol. Reloading in the middle of the fight usually has negative consequences because your opponents will be able to kill you.

Crouching or Jumping when there is no need to do it

Most CS:GO players out there decide to bind the Jump and Duck action on their mouse wheel because it's more convenient to use. We recommend doing this because it makes a difference. However, this doesn’t mean you should jump or crouch for no reason.

Sadly, many people make the mistake of doing it all the time. Sure, crouching might seem fun and it may help you dodge some bullets, but it can also have the opposite effect. Hence, it is not advisable to crouch unless you need to.

The same logic applies to jumping. When you jump for no reason, you can die in mid-air or help your opponents by revealing your position. And let’s not forget you can make noise after jumping, which is not something you want, whether you are on the CT or T side.

Playing overly aggressive as CT

Everyone who plays CS:GO has a different playstyle. Some people prefer to play defensively and wait for their opponents to push. However, there are also many people who are more than ready to push — even when they don’t have to.

There are many situations where pushing your opponents as a Counter-Terrorist is a plus. In most cases, the Terrorists won’t expect you to; so you can catch them off guard. However, if they notice you’re pushing and you die without killing anyone, you will give the round to your opponents.

Deciding whether to push as a CT depends on a variety of factors. This includes your teammates’ positioning, the information you have, the map, and more. Usually, it is not a good idea to push unless you are 100% sure you won’t die right away.

Be careful when defusing the bomb 

Once you get better at CS:GO and reach some of the higher-level brackets, you'll notice that some people try to fake the bomb defusal. This is common among higher-skilled players because they try to lure the hiding Terrorist and kill him. 

Unsurprisingly, many lower-tier players decide to copy what they’ve seen. Some of them use this tactic to their advantage and win most rounds. However, others make mistakes because they make noises after they start defusing the bomb. By doing this, you automatically indicate to your opponent that you are not defusing the bomb. If this person pays attention, he won’t reveal himself.

Try to avoid any confrontations

One of the worst things about playing online with other people is the fact that you don’t know what you’ll get. Some people are chill and understand what they’re doing, but you'll inevitably come across toxic CS:GO players. Every online game has those and CS is definitely not an exception, especially in the lower MMR brackets.

While it's true that many people don’t pay attention to those players, others start flaming them. Usually, this doesn’t end well for the team because one of these players starts trolling or even kills his teammates. 

In these situations, the best thing you can do is to mute the given player and focus on your gameplay. Playing alongside such a person is hard, but the faster the game ends, the better. If you start flaming him or ruining the game, you will probably lose.

Don’t get an AWP if someone else has one

There are some maps and cases where you could have two AWPs in the team. However, this is not always a good idea because this puts other teammates in danger. 

Every AWP player knows that he needs to have good positioning. Of course, every map has its specifics, but having two AWP players on the same team usually means they will compete with each other for specific spots. Needless to say, this will always have a negative impact because if they miss their shots, their opponents will kill them. 

Stop wasting your utilities

The last and probably one of the most important things you need to do once you start playing CS:GO is to stop wasting your utilities. Flashes, Grenades, Smokes, and Molotovs are extremely important and can drastically impact your win rating. Despite that, many players use them for no reason and don’t have them when needed.

CS:GO: The Most Common Mistakes in CS:GO
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