CS:GO Best Settings to Help You Improve

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CS:GO Best Settings to Help You Improve

CS:GO is the world’s leading esport when it comes to shooters. Thousands of people play this game daily and try to become better at it. Some players only rely on their skills, whereas others are looking for additional help. Here is our CS:GO Best Settings to help you improve. 

While it is true that many people prefer to copy a given professional player’s settings, this isn’t always worth it. The fact that a given player is used to playing using specific options doesn’t mean it will work for you. That’s why you should be careful when deciding which option to put in your config. 

Speaking of options, this article will give you more information about a couple of important steps you need to be aware of. Although they may not work for everyone, you can always put them to the test and see what will happen.

To use some of the settings mentioned below, you need to open your console. Usually, you can do this by pressing the key located beneath ESC.

Network settings

One of the things that people forget when playing CS:GO is that they need to adjust their network settings. Some players assume that the game will do everything itself and they do not need to change anything. Although this is true up to a point, there are a few specific things that will positively impact your overall experience.

The settings you may want to use will depend on various things, but your connection is the most important one. If you have a stable network, good ping, and no loss, you should use something like “cl_interp_ratio 1”. Some people prefer to use the number 0 after this command because it will force the game to calculate the optimal settings for your network. 

Speaking of network settings, we have to point out the most popular one (net_graph). This option will help you greatly because it will show you different information, such as FPS, loss, choke, tick rate, etc. To turn it on, you need to type “net_graph 1”.

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Video settings

One of the biggest problems CS:GO players face when they start playing is determining their video settings. When CS 1.6 was the go-to game, most people didn’t have good PCs. Therefore, they were forced to use lower settings in order to gain more FPS.

Nowadays, most CS:GO players have potent GPUs and CPUs that allow them to get 100, 200, 300, or even 400 FPS even while using the highest resolution in the game. Consequently, there is no need for them to use a lower resolution unless they want to.

This is where it gets exciting because many old-school CS players prefer to use lower resolutions. People like Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev use 1280×960 because he is used to it. Some people think that the lower resolution allows them to be more accurate. With that being said, using a higher resolution will allow you to have a better overall experience because the game will look better.

Aside from the resolution, some people want to use the effects and shader options on high and very high, respectively. These two things will help you when there is a smoke or a Molotov because you will see more clearly through the smoke and near the edges.

Adjust your DPI and Zoom Sensitivity

Every CS:GO player knows that having access to a good mouse while playing makes a real difference. Unlike other games, such as MOBAs, you need to have a good mouse while playing CS:GO because it helps you become more accurate.

Speaking of accuracy, your DPI is one of the most important things you need to adjust before you start playing. Also known as CPI, every mouse manufacturer uses this to show the sensor’s capabilities. Regardless of what mouse you’re using, the higher your DPI, the faster it will move.

Although it all comes down to personal preferences, most top-tier CS:GO players prefer to use a lower DPI. Your DPI should depend on your mousepad, desk size, and the mouse itself.

Aside from the DPI, another really important setting is the Zoom Sensitivity. Of course, this is something that every AWP should think of because this is the primary weapon in the game that uses a scope. There is no correct value for the zoom sensitivity, so it all comes down to personal preferences.

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Audio settings

The audio settings are usually pretty standard for most players. In fact, it is up to every player to decide their audio level and the kind of headset they will use. 

Having said that, we recommend using the Stereo Headphonesoption once you go to your settings and check the Audio Output Configurator. Furthermore, you should enable to 3D Audio Processing option.

Some people also decide to use the special sound that warns them when there are 10 seconds left until the end of a given round. 

Crosshair settings

The crosshair is one of the most important things for every shooter, and CS:GO is not an exception. This is also one of the options that people have to choose carefully because it will have a significant impact on their game. 

If we look at most professional players, we will see that almost all of them use a small static crosshair. This means that its size won’t change, regardless of its weapon. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should use the same option.

Usually, people new to CS:GO prefer using a large and dynamic crosshair because it allows them to keep track of where they’re shooting. Needless to say, experienced players usually don’t need this because they already know when they’re not hitting their target.

Mousewheel binds

Depending on your mouse, you may have buttons that you can use for different things. Even though not all of them are useful, your Mousewheel is definitely one of the options you need to put to use.

There are different things that people use their Mousewheels for, but the most common one is to jump. The fact that they can do that using their mouse can have a massive impact on their gameplay.

CS:GO Best Settings to Help You Improve
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