4 Very Useful Strats On The CT-Side of Mirage In CS2

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4 Very Useful Strats On The CT-Side of Mirage In CS2

This list contains 4 very useful Strats on the CT-Side of Mirage that can help win rounds in competitive CS2.

Mirage is a very well-balanced and adored map among the CS2 community members. It has a good mix of raw aim dependency and coordinated teamplay. These factors also make the map stale and boring for a lot of players due to its repetitiveness. Many players including some pros share this opinion regarding Mirage, that it limits a team's creativity and innovation from a strategic perspective. Valve, developer of the CS franchise, can be partially blamed for this as after the map's release in 2013 it has remained untouched without any reworks or changes.

Despite the issues, the map of Mirage is beloved by all members of the CS community due to its balance and simplicity. Even in CS2, after the graphical improvements, players are looking to find newer strats and improve old ones to enhance the strategic aspect of the game.

So we have compiled a list of 4 strats on the CT side of Mirage to help players during their competitive games. Make sure you also check out our articles on Mirage T-side strats and line-ups.

4 very useful Strats on the CT-Side of Mirage

Mirage demands aggression and proactiveness, especially on the CT side. As map control is crucial, even after being on the defensive side of the game, the CTs will have to be very aggressive and make the Terrorists uncomfortable in their pushes. Utility is also crucial. In most cases during the start of the round, there is a bunch of utility dumping from either side. But as a CT it is important to save that utility to some extent to use it during the mid to late rounds. These factors can change the way a game is played, giving CTs advantages in many cases.


Fake Presence at Mid From A

The Mid area in Mirage is very tough to hold with one player, especially when playing a 2-1-2 split. So sometimes players branch off from A and B to support the Mid Window player to fight Mid and take control. This can be very menacing for Terrorists as they fear taking Mid will be a hard fight, instead they divert to A for an easy execution expecting fewer players in the site.

So by creating a fake presence in Mid from A, CTs can trick their opponents into walking to A and falling into a trap. This can be done by having a very aggressive Window AWPer. During the start of the round if the Mid AWPer peeks Top Mid and finds a frag that will set the tone in that area. A flash from A to above Mid and smoke on Catwalk will also restrict the Terrorist's entry into that area.

Due to this, a fake presence of many CTs in Mid is created, forcing the rest of the T-side to return to A for a push. But since there was never more than one CT in Mid, to begin with, an ambush can be set in A using off angles and sneaky hiding spots. Abay “HObbit” Khassenov from Cloud9 uses this strat quite often while playing in Mirage.

Aggressive A-Main Push After Molotov

Usually at the start of each round, the CTs at A throw a Molotov at Main and set up inside the site while the Molotov burns. Since the T-Spawn is so close to the A-Site, this Molotov is needed to buy time. The trick here is, instead of setting up for a passive hold or taking positions in the site, while the fire still burns, the CTs will push up to A-Main.

A deep smoke can be used behind the Molotov for cover or the players can stay out of the view from the entrance. As the fire dissipates, a flashbang from inside the A-site Jungle or Ticket Booth can come in and blind the players in A-Main holding outside the fires. That's when the aggressively holding CTs will peak into A-Main to find easy kills.

This strat will need 2 to 3 players to push A-Main and one to stay in the site and throw a flashbang and also keep an eye on Connector and Palace for alternative pushes. There will be a fair amount of luck involved as it isn’t always easy to predict where the T-players are or if they are looking to hit A this round. Due to these factors, this strat is ideal during eco rounds with mid-ranged high-fire rate weapons like an SMG.

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Pinch Hold In-Site

This is a very passive strat since the B-site entrance demands very fast-paced pushes, it is easy to dismantle any aggressive rushes from Terrorists with smart positioning and one or two well-placed pieces of utility. Because the B-site is quite tight and congested, some controlled chaos can easily take down any form of fast attempt at taking this site.

The strongest positions to be played here require 3 players. One at Bench/Outside Market or Market Window, one at B–Short Arches, and the last at the most crucial spot of all, hiding behind Van right under the B-Apartments Balcony. This spot is crucial because normally players dropping into the site will ignore this position.

So it can allow for a surprise from behind. Combined with support from Market and Short, the rushing T-players will have a hard time getting out of this situation. Alongside these positions, Molotov can be thrown into Apartments as the Terrorists will be rushing which will cause some chip damage. A Smoke in the site will add to the chaos as well.

Aggressive Hold Inside Apartments

The first thing a B-site defender does is throw a Molotov or Smoke grenade into Apartments to stop any fast rush. After that, the player either explores in B-Short or takes a passive position inside the B-site. This can be a good default in most cases but in a map like Mirage, it is crucial to diversify the strats and keep the Terrorists on their toes. So a strat like this will allow the CTs to get map control and also be more proactive in certain scenarios.

The trick here is to jump up in Apartments as soon as possible, just after a Smoke is thrown. There is a little position where a CT can tuck himself in very easily. If a B-site hit occurs, it is very uncommon to check where the player is. The Terrorists will run past the Smoke and not clear the CT hiding on the left side of the doorway.

Here a backstab and support from players inside the site can be very useful. Someone from Market and Bench can throw a Flash to assist the sneaky CT or just fire at the pushing Terrorists while they are confused about how they are getting shot from behind.

In case a B-rush does not occur this allows for the pushed-up player to hold an aggressive position for a rotation or push up through Underpass to Mid or Top-Mid for a flank and give your team information on the T-side's whereabouts.

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4 Very Useful Strats On The CT-Side of Mirage In CS2
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