3 Dominating Dota 2 Laning Trios For Easy MMR

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3 Dominating Dota 2 Laning Trios For Easy MMR

Here is our pick for the 3 of the most dominating Dota 2 laning trio Hero combos that will ensure you command your lane for some easy MMR

In the realm of Dota 2, claiming victory in your lane is paramount. Selecting the perfect Hero combination ensures you win each stage of the game. Let's delve into a collection of battle-proven Hero trios you can exploit to ascend the ranks with dominance effortlessly.

Our Pick of 3 Hero Laning Trio Combos

Here are our picks for some of the most powerful and unstoppable Hero trios that will dominate any lane.

1. Abaddon, Oracle and Legion Commander Laning Trio – Commanding Resilience

3 Dominating Dota 2 Laning Trios For Easy MMR

Abaddon is a powerful healing Universal Hero capable of keeping himself and his allies alive even in the toughest situations. His Mist Coil and Aphotic Shield allows him to heal his allies and damage his enemies. His Curse of Avernus slows his enemies while buffing his allies, and his Borrowed Time lets him heal from otherwise fatal damage.

Oracle is a versatile Intelligence Hero capable of supporting his allies, and devastating his enemies with spammable nukes and disables. His Fortune’s End and Fate’s Edict aids allies and hamper enemies significantly. His Purifying Flames deal tremendous nuke damage, followed up by a heal over time. His ultimate False Promise allows an ally to negate all damage dealt on him, pausing the intake until the end of its duration. 

Legion Commander (LC) is a hard-hitting Strength Hero who excels at one on one combat. Her Overwhelming Odds deals massive damage to stacked enemies, clearing them for a one-on-one duel. Her Press the Attack and Moment of Courage lets her attack with ferocity, winning any Duels against enemy Heroes for permanent added damage. 

  • Aphotic Shield + Fortune’s End + Overwhelming Odds – These abilities are perfect at clearing large creepwaves, and dealing massive damage to enemies trying to push early on. They are also great at helping LC close the distance from her Duel target. Overwhelming Odds increases Legion Commander’s Movement speed, while Fortune’s Ends roots the target and Aphotic Shield helps dispel any disables on LC.

  • Aphotic Shield + False Promise + Press the Attack – These abilities are all capable of debuffing an ally disabled by the enemy, working wonders in helping teammates survive otherwise difficult encounters. These abilities are also great at helping LC move forward towards winning her Duel.

  • Aphotic Shield + Curse of Avernus + False Promise + Duel – With Aphotic Shield helping tank damage and Curse of Avernus helping Legion Commander with bonus attack speed, her natural ability kit can help her survive and win most duels. With the help of Fate’s Edict disable and False Promise’s temporary invulnerability, LC will be raking up damage in no time. 

2. Leshrac + Dark Seer + Riki Laning Trio – Trapped in Death

3 Dominating Dota 2 Laning Trios For Easy MMR

Leshrac is a powerful spellcasting Intelligence Hero whose ability to nuke down enemy units and towers is profound. His Split Earth and Lighting Storm are powerful nukes, the first of which stuns in a small AoE (area of effect). His Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova are AoE damage over time (DoT) abilities that deal devastating damage to surrounding enemies. 

Dark Seer (DS) is a tactical Universal Hero with an innate ability to control teamfights to his own gain. His Vacuum ability sucks enemies into a central point, while his Ion Shell allows a target to deal DoT in a small area. His Surge allows him to quickly move through the battlefield, wreaking chaos with his Wall of Replica’s illusions. 

Riki is a stealthy Agility Hero who excels at deceiving his opponents with his ninja-like ability kit. His Smoke Screen mutes and blinds enemies, causing them unable to cast spells and miss their attacks. His Blink Strike and Tricks of the Trade deals backstab damage to enemies, closing the gaps with ease. His Cloak and Dagger is his signature ability, giving him permanent invisibility. 

  • Split Earth + Vacuum + Smoke Screen – Dark Seer’s Vacuum allows him to pull enemies in an AoE to a center point, helping set up powerful Split Earth and Smoke Screen combos to incapacitate large groups of enemies.

  • Leshrac + Ion Shell + Riki – The combination of all of the spells of Leshrac with Dark Seer’s Ion Shell is incredibly effective at defending high-ground or pushing lanes. For the later, Riki’s Cloak and Dagger allows him to invisibly scout and protect the squishy siegers.

  • Leshrac + Surge + Tricks of the Trade – Leshrac’s high burst spell damage works well with DS’s Surge, allowing him to run with haste throughout the battlefield. This enables him to deal damage while being highly mobile and hard to pin down. With Tricks of the Trade, Riki can also get inside Leshrac and deal damage on the move. 

3. Meepo, Dazzle and Sven Laning Trio – Overwhelming Power

3 Dominating Dota 2 Laning Trios For Easy MMR

Meepo is a unique Agility Hero capable of overwhelming enemies with powerful Divided We Stand clones that can easily nuke down and bury enemies with ease. His Earthbind traps his enemies, closing the gap and burying them with subsequent poofs. His Ransack helps him and his clones survive with a shared lifesteal. 

Dazzle is a healing Universal Hero who is unmatched in his ability to keep his allies alive and debuff his enemies. His Poison Touch slows and poisons his enemies. His Shallow Grave keeps an ally from taking fatal damage and his Shadow Wave heals groups of allies while dealing damage to nearby enemies. His Bad Juju  deals massive buffs and debuffs whenever Dazzle uses a spell. 

Sven is a hard-hitting Strength Hero who can stun large groups of enemies and cleave them apart with his godly strength. Storm Hammer can disable large groups of enemies, allowing him to tear them apart with his Great Cleave. With his Warcry granting him and his allies movement speed and armor, and his God’s Strength amplifying his damage output, he is a force to be reckoned with. 

  • Storm Hammer + Earthbind + Shadow Wave – In order to nuke down a opponent team, all Sven needs to do is land a stun upon multiple Heroes. That will seal their fate, as Meepos follow up with back-to-back Earthbinds, nuking them down with hits and Dazzle’s Shadow Wave.

  • Storm Hammer + Shallow Grave + Poof – Meepo is usually easier to kill when one of the clones are focused upon. This means that with the help of Sven’s stun to disable enemies, Dazzles Shallow Grave keeping the Meepo alive, the clone can Poof out of danger.

  • Warcry + Meepo + Bad Juju – Warcry (especially when boosted by Aghanim’s Shard and talents, can help keep the multiple Meepos well armored, making them difficult to kill. With the help of Dazzle’s Shadow Wave for AoE heal, and Bad Juju granting more armor, Meepo’s tankiness skyrockets. 

Stay Tuned For More Laning Trios

Try these combos in your games! Master their strengths and enjoy the rewarding impact. Try out different Hero Laning Duos and stay tuned for more combos, as we'll be posting them soon for you to experiment with.

3 Dominating Dota 2 Laning Trios For Easy MMR
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