3 Devastating Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

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3 Devastating Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

Let's take a look at our picks for the 3 Devastating Safe Lane duos that you and your friend can spam, to dominate and win your ranked games

In the world of Dota 2, winning the safe lane can be a game-changer. It's the place where your team's late-game powerhouse resides, making it a crucial battleground. But success in the safe lane isn't just about individual skills; it's also about finding hero combinations that work seamlessly together, giving you a winning edge.

This guide will explore the importance of mastering safe lane Hero combos and how it can be your secret to earning easy MMR. We'll uncover some of our favorite duo combos to help you secure those victories and climb the ranks. Get ready to boost your Dota 2 game with these powerful strategies that are simple yet effective, and set your sights on that coveted MMR increase.

Devastating Safe Lane Hero Combos

Here are 3 ridiculously powerful Safe Lane pairings, which you can use to demolish your lanes and win you MMR. 

Phantom Assassin and Witch Doctor Safe Lane Hero Combo – Magic & Might

3 Devastating Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

Phantom Assassin (PA), a melee Agility carry who possesses one of the most destructive Heroes in the late game if left unchecked. Her Stifling Dagger slows and damages Heroes for a percentage of her Attack Damage. Phantom Strike allows PA to blink on a target ally or enemy unit, gaining bonus Attack Speed and Lifesteal if the target is an enemy. Her passive, Blur, grants her evasion and can be activated to make her invisible until near enemy Heroes or Towers.

Witch Doctor(WD) on the other hand, is a ranged Intelligence support armed with a very interesting toolkit. His Paralysing Cask, launches a projectile that bounces randomly between enemies, stunning and dealing damage to them. His spell Maledict puts a curse in an Area of Effect(AoE). Enemies take multiple ticks of damage from it, once every 3 seconds. Each tick deals damage as a percentage of the total damage taken during the curse. His Voodoo Restoration heals allies and damages enemies in an AoE.

Phantom Assassin and Witch Doctor is a very simple yet effective combination in the lane. PA is generally weak in the early game and struggles in the lane. WD’s kit, however, allows PA to sustain throughout the lane and even get kills. Maledict should ideally be followed up with burst damage to deal a great amount of damage, something that PA is very good at. The heals from WD and Phantom Strike also keep PA nice and healthy in the lane.

The way to execute kills in the lane is to spot enemies out of position. WD uses maledict and stun on the Hero, preferable around one creep so the Cask bounces twice. PA then follows up with Phantom Strike and bursts the Hero with the bonus Attack Speed.

Sven and Crystal Maiden Safe Lane Hero Combo – Frostbitten Blade!

3 Devastating Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

Sven is a melee Strength carry that deals heavy amounts of physical damage. The highlight of his kit is Greater Cleave, which is basically an upgraded Battle Fury and allows him to farm incredibly fast. His Storm Hammer launches a projectile that stuns the target and nearby enemies in a small AoE. Warcry grants Sven and his allies bonus Armor and Movement Speed.

Crystal Maiden(CM) is a ranged Intelligence support, she is a backline spell caster. CM’s Crystal Nova is an AoE nuke that also slows enemies. Her Frostbite roots an enemy in place and deals damage to them. Finally, her passive Arcane Aura grants Mana Regeneration to all ally units on the map. Allies near CM receive 3x the Mana Regeneration.

Sven and Crystal Maiden is a very strong lane combination. These two Heroes have a lot of lockdown between them and can take full advantage of good matchups. The Arcane Aura works amazingly in this lane, as it allows the two of them to use their spells more often to get kills or secure creeps.

Execution of kills is also very simple in this lane. Sven and CM have a stun, a root, and an AoE slow between the two of them, and can easily chase Heroes down if they get the opportunity. Ideally, start with Crystal Nova as it has the lowest cooldown. Then follow it up with Storm Hammer and Frostbite in whichever order required. Crystal Nova should come off cooldown during the chase and you can finish Heroes off.

In lanes where kills don’t come by, the Arcane Aura allows Sven to fall back to neutral camps with better efficiency, as he can spam out his Mask of Madness (core item on Sven) and Warcry to farm. Sven can thus reach his item timings more reliably and carry the game for his team.

Gyrocopter and Keeper Of The Light Safe Lane Hero Combo – Flaming Light

3 Devastating Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR

Gyrocopter is a Ranged Agility carry who will become an absolute monster in any game if he’s not shut down. In the lane, Gyro deals a good amount of magical as well as physical damage. His Rocket Barrage deals a massive amount of magic damage if he can stay on top of an enemy. Homing Missile, sends a rocket towards an enemy, which stuns them and deals damage. Finally, Flak Cannon fires an attack at all enemies in a large AoE.

Keeper of The Light (KoTL) is a ranged intelligence support that possesses a very unique set of tools. His Illuminate is a long range AoE nuke that is charged for up to 3 seconds and fires a wave that deals damage. Blinding Light pushes enemies back from its cast point and deals damage. The most important part of his kit, Chakra Magic, restores Mana and can be used on himself or an ally. Chakra also reduces the cooldown of all basic spells of the target.

The synergy between these two Heroes might not be very apparent at first sight, but this is a very potent combination of Heroes in the lane and throughout the game. Gyrocopter deals heavy amounts of Magical Damage through Rocket Barrage, and his prowess in the lane relies on staying on top of Heroes to continuously deal the damage. KoTL can push Heroes back towards Gyro with Blinding Light, and Chakra will allow Gyro to spam his Rocket Barrage more often and at lower intervals.

The main strength of this combo though, has more to do with neutral creeps. KoTL is one of the best Heroes for stacking multiple camps at once with Illuminate and Blinding Light, and Gyro is one of the best at taking them. Gyrocopter can farm up a storm with the help of KoTL, hit crazy item timing, and carry the team on his back.

Stay Tuned For More Overpowered Safe Lane Hero Combos 

Give these combos a shot in your games, and we guarantee that you will reap the benefits! These combos are sure to give you the edge in your ranked games. With that being said, stay tuned for more Hero combos to help you own your ranked matches!


3 Devastating Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Gaining MMR
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