3 Broken Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Easy MMR

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3 Broken Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Easy MMR

Let's take a look at some of the most overpowered Safe Lane duos that you can abuse, in order to dominate and win your ranked games with ease.

In the world of Dota 2, winning the safe lane can be a game-changer. It's the place where your team's late-game powerhouse resides, making it a crucial battleground. But success in the safe lane isn't just about individual skills; it's also about finding hero combinations that work seamlessly together, giving you a winning edge.

This guide will explore the importance of mastering safe lane Hero combos and how it can be your secret to earning easy MMR. We'll uncover some of our favourite duo combos to help you secure those victories and climb the ranks. Get ready to boost your Dota 2 game with these powerful strategies that are simple yet effective, and set your sights on that coveted MMR increase.

Overpowered Safe Lane Hero Combos

Here are 3 ridiculously powerfully Safe Lane combos, which are guaranteed to massacre the enemy Offlane and win you ranked games. 

Gyrocopter and Witch Doctor Safe Lane Hero Combo – Ticked Out!

3 Broken Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Easy MMR

Gyrocopter is a ranged agility carry that deals enormous amounts of magic damage through his spells. Gyrocopter zones enemies out of the lane and really makes the opponent pay if they overstep, as Gyro’s spells make most of the trades in his favor. With the help of his Rocket Barrage and Homing Missile, he dishes out tons of damage in the lane and creates space for himself.

Witch Doctor is an ranged intelligence support that arguably has few of the most annoying and painful spells in the game. His stun, Paralyzing Cask, stuns both enemies multiple times if they happen to stand close to each other, making it impossible for them to move when caught out of position by the cask. Furthermore, Witch’s Maledict deals burst damage based on the damage enemies have received since the spell was applied.

As both Gyrocopter and Witchdoctor have stuns, you should be considerate of your spell usage and make sure to use your disables wisely as poor execution may hamper your kill potential in the early game. Once Gyrocopter stuns the enemy with his Homing Missile, Witch Doctor can quickly follow up with his Maledict, and Paralyzing Cask right after to ensure maximum damage is dealt before the Maledict curse begins.

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While the enemy is stunned and the Maledict curse is yet to begin, Gyrocopter follows up with Rocket Barrage, setting up for a tremendous burst of damage on the enemy each time the Maledict curse ticks. This combo, if used effectively, is bound to reward you with loads of kills and give you an unfair advantage early on in the game.

Juggernaut and Lich Safe Lane Hero Combo – Spin and Win

3 Broken Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Easy MMR

Juggernaut is a melee agility carry who is swift, agile, deals heavy damage, and has access to survivability toolkits such as his Healing Ward and Blade Fury, providing him with health regeneration and debuff immunity respectively. Juggernaut can zone enemies out of the lane quite well with the help of his Blade Fury, which keeps dealing damage to them when they are within the radius. This allows Juggernaut to assert dominance in lane, which simultaneously creates space and amplifies his farming capabilities. Furthermore, Juggernaut’s passive ability, Blade Dance, rewards him with a chance to perform critical attacks, making his physical damage prowess fearful.

Lich is a ranged intelligence support that possesses a very strong nuke – Frost Blast, which not only inflicts a lot of damage with a short cooldown, but also slows the affected enemy’s movement as well as attack speed. Moreover, Lich’s Frost Shield, which is a defensive spell that can be cast on either himself or his allies, mitigates incoming damage, slows, as well as damages enemies. Finally, Lich’s Sinister Gaze, which is a channeled ability, allows him to hypnotize his enemies into moving towards Lich while also losing a percentage of their mana.

Juggernaut greatly benefits against slower opponents, which is exactly what Lich does – Reduce the opponent’s movement speed. In the laning phase, Lich can pick out a target and nuke them with his Frost Blast, dealing damage and allowing Juggernaut to catch up. As soon as Juggernaut closes the gap, he casts his Blade Fury and keeps dealing damage to the opponents as they try to escape.

Lich then immediately follows up with his Frost Shield on Juggernaut, dealing additional damage and movement speed slow to the enemy, ensuring that they cannot run from Juggernaut’s spinning blades! If the enemy just so happens to survive the torment, Lich can seal the deal with Sinister Gaze, while Juggernaut auto attacks the enemy to their demise.

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Ursa and Shadow Shaman Safe Lane Hero Combo – Swipe ‘em & Wipe ‘em

3 Broken Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Easy MMR

Ursa, a melee agility carry who deals increased physical damage each time he lands an attack on the enemy with the help of his passive ability – Fury Swipes. He leaps onto enemies, dealing damage and slowing their movement speed with his Earthshock ability, following up with a rapid disposal of physical attacks upon using Overpower. Ursa is a deadly hero and can be played very aggressively, as his skill set allows him to do so. Enemies who dare to face Ursa without the appropriate resources usually melt away as Ursa mercilessly pounds their life away.

Shadow Shaman on the other hand, is a ranged intelligence support armed with high duration disables with low cooldown. He also has a high damage nuke – Ether Shock, that can be used to weaken enemies during the laning phase. Shadow Shaman’s Hex turns enemies into a harmless creature and amplifies the damage they receive. Furthermore, his Shackle ability holds enemies in place, restricting them the ability to move and attack. Besides his amazing catalog of spells, Shadow Shaman’s base attack damage is high early on in the game, which can be used to harass enemies effectively in lane.

Ursa and Shadow Shaman sync perfectly with each other, as Ursa gains an unfair advantage when lined up with heroes such as Shadow Shaman, who can disable the enemies for a long duration. This lane combination is hyper aggressive, meaning that the kill potential is great and there’s not much the enemy can do to retaliate. Ursa can easily engage enemies with the help of his Earthshock, slowing their movement speed and getting a few hits in to stack his Fury Swipes.

At the same time, Shadow Shaman uses his hex on the target, drastically slowing them down and amplifying the damage output, on top of the increased damage from Fury Swipes. Once the hex duration is over, Shadow Shaman instantly locks the target in place with his Shackles, allowing Ursa to decimate the enemy with his Overpower.

Stay Tuned For More Overpowered Safe Lane Hero Combos 

Give these combos a shot in your games, and we guarantee that you will reap the benefits! These combos are sure to give you the edge in your ranked games. With that being said, stay tuned for more as we will post soon!

3 Broken Dota 2 Safe Lane Hero Combos For Easy MMR
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