2024 PGL Copenhagen Major Stickers Released

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2024 PGL Copenhagen Major Stickers Released

After a long wait, the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major stickers are finally here

The wait is over, CS2 fans! PGL Copenhagen Major Sticker Capsules are finally here! Just as the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major rolls into the Elimination Stage on March 21, players can now get their hands on these coveted player signatures and team stickers. Valve released an update earlier today that made the Copenhagen Major stickers live in the game. The stickers arrive five days after the introduction of sticker cases via a previous update.

2024 Copenhagen Major Stickers Released

Stickers are categorized into four grades: Normal, Glitter, Holo, and Gold. While the Normal variety simply presents the player's signature in white alongside the team logo, the subsequent grades boast unique features. Glitter designs come with miniature star and moon icons, Holos showcase vibrant color gradients, and Gold stickers glows with a shimmering charm. Many players are expected to pursue the rarer stickers to decorate their weapons or trade on the Steam Market.

With 24 teams and 120 player signatures, there are nearly 600 unique stickers to collect across four categories: Legends, Challengers, Contenders, and Champions. Here's what each capsule holds:

Challengers Capsule

2024 PGL Copenhagen Major Stickers Released

Credit: Valve

The Challengers capsules spotlight teams ranked ninth to sixteenth at the PGL Copenhagen Major. These exclusive stickers represent teams, who fought their way from the RMRs onto the Major stage. Here is the complete Challengers sticker capsule lineup:




Ax1Le, HObbit, electroNic, Perfecto, Boombl4


dycha, gla1ve, Goofy, Kylar, hades


yuurih, arT, KSCERATO, FalleN, chelo


TeSeS, sjuush, NertZ, nicoodoz, kyxsan

Eternal Fire

XANTARES, Calyx, MAJ3R, Wicadia, woxic


nawwk, jkaem, STYKO, CacaNito, sense


isak, acoR, Keoz, volt, Snax


MUTiRiS, rmn, ewjerkz, story, arrozdoce

Contenders Capsule

2024 PGL Copenhagen Major Stickers Released

Credit: Valve

The Contenders capsules feature stickers for the PGL Copenhagen Major's underdogs, seeded 17th to 24th. Here is the Contenders sticker capsule lineup:



paiN Gaming

biguzera, lux, kauez, nqz, n1ssim


VINI, HEN1, felps, noway, decenty

The MongolZ

bLitz, Techno4K, 910, mzinho, Senzu


kraghen, Queenix, salazar, Nodios, Patti


mopoz, dav1g, JUST, adamS, stadodo


coldzera, latto, dumau, NEKIZ, b4rtiN

Lynn Vision

westmelon, z4kr, Starry, EmiliaQAQ, Jee


TRAVIS, Forester, NickelBack, Krad, ICY

Legends Capsule

2024 PGL Copenhagen Major Stickers Released

Credit: Valve

The Legends capsules enshrine Counter-Strike's elite. These stickers represent the “top eight” teams seeded directly into the PGL Copenhagen Major's Elimination Stage, bypassing the grueling qualifiers. Here is the Legends capsule lineup:



FaZe Clan

rain, broky, karrigan, ropz, frozen

Team Spirit

chopper, magixx, zont1x, donk, sh1ro

Team Vitality

apEX, ZywOo, Spinx, flameZ, mezii


torzsi, xertioN, siuhy, Jimpphat, Brollan


JT, floppy, Grim, hallzerk, EliGE


Jame, FL1T, fame, n0rb3r7, mir


b1t, Aleksib, jL, iM, w0nderful

G2 Esports

huNter-, NiKo, m0NESY, HooXi, nexa

Sticker sales serve as a significant income source for the Major participants. In a historic windfall, participating teams at the BLAST.tv Paris Major pocketed over $110 million, as half of the revenue generated from viewer pass and capsules were distributed among the teams.

The PGL Major Copenhagen continues with the Elimination Stage currently taking place behind closed doors. Fans eagerly await the transition to the Royal Arena in Copenhagen for the thrilling playoffs. The final will be held on March 31st.

This is the first Major since the release of Counter-Strike 2, and one of two Majors in 2024, with the second set to be played in Shanghai in December.

2024 PGL Copenhagen Major Stickers Released
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