All 2023 VCT OFF//SEASON Tournaments in India

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All 2023 VCT OFF//SEASON Tournaments in India

Three tournaments will entertain the Indian crowd during the 2023 VCT OFF//SEASON

The OFF//SEASON in Valorant Esports is the period where there are no official VCT tournaments taking place, and this year, this period will be starting from September after the conclusion of Champions 2023. With the Group Stage of the Champions nearing its end, Riot Games has announced the tournament titles that will take place all around the world during the OFF//SEASON, and India will host three LAN events highlighting the best talents of the region. 

Here are the details for the three OFF//SEASON tournaments in India –

Penta Pro Series – VALORANT | Season 2

Tournament Type: Online & LAN

Schedule: October 25 – December 10

Prize Pool: TBA

Last year’s Penta Pro Series was an online event, but this time, we will be enjoying LAN finals taking place in Mumbai. The second edition of this event will feature rosters from South Asia, and the Open Qualifier will initiate on October 25. From the Open Qualifier, the best two teams will move to the Group Stage to meet the six invited squads starting on November 7. The Playoffs will include the top 4 teams from the Group Stage and will be starting on December 9 in front of a Mumbai crowd. 

While this year’s prize pool for Penta Pro Series is yet to be announced, it was $27,000 last year and could also be around that ballpark for this year.

To stay up to date with the Penta Pro Series, keep an eye on Penta Esports’ official Facebook page.

How to Watch Penta Pro Series – VALORANT | Season 2

VALORANT India Invitational 23

Tournament Type: LAN

Schedule: November 24 – November 26

Prize Pool: TBA

VALORANT India Invitational brings some of the best teams in the world to meet regional talents. Organized by Galaxy Racer, this exciting tournament is making a return this year in November, and although the prize pool hasn’t been announced yet, it was $100,000 last year and should be pretty significant this time as well.

How to Watch VALORANT India Invitational 23

TEC Challenger Series – Official VCT OFF//SEASON Event 2023

GMC Balayogi Sports Complex to host Official VCT OFF//SEASON Event 2023
Photo: Sanyam Bahga

Tournament Type: Online & LAN

Schedule: September 2 – September 3

Prize Pool: TBA

Eight invited teams and four squads from an Open Qualifier will fight in the Group Stage in round-robin formats at the TEC Challenger Series. The top four teams from the two groups will secure the Playoffs, which will be the most exciting part of the event as the stage will take place in Hyderabad's GMC Balayogi Sports Complex. 

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Biggest 2023 VCT OFF//SEASON Event in India

The VALORANT India Invitational is going to be this year’s biggest tournament in India as it is the only A-tier event as part of the VCT OFF//SEASON. This competition brings in some of the best names in the world against India’s growing talent and gains huge traction in the region, who cannot wait for their country to be represented in the big stages.

Last year, Paper Rex took home the trophy of VALORANT India Invitational along with a $40,000 prize. GodSquad and Enigma Gaming, two Indian rosters, came 6th and 7th as they failed to move past the Group Stage. This year, the Indian crowd will be expecting a much stronger performance from their home talents. 

All 2023 VCT OFF//SEASON Tournaments in India
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