ZywOo Thanks Teammates For Easing The Pressure On Him

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ZywOo Thanks Teammates For Easing The Pressure On Him

The Vitality AWper is delighted to see his peers stepping up in games.

Vitality capped off their IEM Rio 2023 on the highest possible note. After starting the campaign with a defeat, they went on a six-game winning streak to clinch the title. Their latest win came against Heroic in the Grand Final as they picked up a 2-0 victory against the Danes. 

Vitality’s Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut bagged the MVP crest, thanks to his phenomenal performances throughout the tournament. The AWper, however, believes his teammates have pulled their fair share of weight in Vitality’s remarkable triumph. 

“It meant a lot also because it's less pressure on my shoulders because I don't have to think “I need to perform, I need to perform” every time, every round I need to do something. It's a great feeling to feel that because I can just think my teammates can do some good rounds as well, so it's perfect.”

What Did ZywOo Say After Becoming IEM Rio 2023 MVP?

ZywOo talked to HLTV after lifting the trophy with his teammates. He expressed his excitement after winning the final and gave due credit to the rest of his team. 

“Feeling good, obviously, after this win. Important to everyone because everyone showed up individually and I think we played well as a team and we never gave up over this game because they came back in some rounds. We showed up strong mentally, we are fighting, everyone, and it was good to play this game.”

The IEM Rio 2023 MVP Award will be the 14th MVP trophy in ZyWoo’s cabinet. Even though it’s nothing new for him, becoming the MVP of a tournament always puts a smile on the Frenchman’s face. 

“Of course, it brings me confidence and good momentum. When I go to the tournament I am not thinking about the MVP, but I am trying my best for us to be the best teammate and also individually for the Major and for my team. Yeah, I feel good, really really good.”

The Paris Major is right around the corner. ZywOo and the gang will not get back to preparations just yet though. They want to take some time to relax before focusing on Paris. 

“We are all gonna take some good rest after that and not going to play instantly to try and see our mistakes. We're just going to take some good rest, try to think what is best for us and that's it. We're not going to overthink too much about the Major. I think having good rest is the best for us right now.”

ZywOo Thanks Teammates For Easing The Pressure On Him
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