ZywOo Extend Vitality Stay

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ZywOo Extend Vitality Stay

Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut has signed a new contract with Vitality that will keep him at the French outfit until 2026

French prodigy Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut extends his reign with Team Vitality by inking a new deal that locks him in until 2026. To commemorate this kingly commitment, Vitality has organized a special event at the Eiffel Tower, where ZywOo will be crowned the ‘King of CS' and claim his Iron Throne-esque throne, forged from iconic weapons of the game.

ZywOo, arguably the best AWPer to have ever graced the game, has been the driving force behind Vitality's recent dominance. With this contract extension, Vitality throws their weight behind ZywOo, building a championship-caliber roster to reign supreme in the years to come.

Vitality's lineup has seen a whirlwind of changes lately, but ZywOo and apEX remain the pillars of the organization. apEX, the veteran leader, has guided the team for years, while ZywOo consistently outshines everyone with his pinpoint accuracy and stats that defy belief.

ZywOo Revitalizes Vitality Journey

ZywOo was nearing the end of his initial five-year deal, signed in 2020, with only nine months remaining. If he sees out his contract, the star AWPer would spend eight years of career at the organization.

Joining Vitality in 2018, the 23-year-old became the anchor of their CSGO squad. Since then, he's dominated the scene. With an unbelievable 18 MVP medals (ranking 3rd overall), five consecutive HLTV Top 20 appearances (including a staggering three #1 finishes!), and a collection of nine Big Event victories, including a Major championship, his legacy is undeniable.

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ZywOo Extend Vitality Stay

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“For me, since the beginning, it’s been Vitality forever,” HLTV quotes ZywOo. “I’m not the kind of guy who goes thinking If I’m better on another team or in another organization. Our game is going so fast. Every week, we have a new tournament. Every week, we have mistakes to fix. I have no time to think about joining another team.”

To secure ZywOo's long-term commitment, Vitality have reportedly offered an attractive package befitting his talent and star power. Speculation swirled about potential profit-sharing arrangements, similar to those employed by T1 and Team Liquid. While Vitality's Executive President, Fabien “Neo” Devide, remained tight-lipped on specifics, he did confirm ZywOo's new deal ranks among the most lucrative in the scene.

ZywOo's new contract comes hot on the heels of his most successful year with Vitality. Their 2023 campaign peaked with a dream Major victory in Paris, just one of five Big Event titles they secured that year. This reign of terror earned them a clear-cut “Team of the Year” award. ZywOo, the undisputed MVP machine, added five more medals to his collection, along with a historic HLTV Awards triple crown: Player of the Year, AWPer of the Year, and Highlight of the Year.

All eyes will be on ZywOo to bring his A-game to the CS2 Major in Denmark. While the action kicks off on March 17th, Vitality, a direct Legend Stage qualifier, won't enter the fray until March 21st.

ZywOo Extend Vitality Stay
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