Zeta Division’s Dep Breaks Valorant LAN Kill Record During Pacific LCQ

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Zeta Division’s Dep Breaks Valorant LAN Kill Record During Pacific LCQ

Dep makes history as ZETA Division continues its upper bracket run in VCT Pacific LCQ

In the upper semifinal clash of the ongoing VCT Pacific League, ZETA Division and RRQ (Rex Regum Qeon) squared off in a fierce battle for a spot in the winner's finals. The last time the two teams locked horns, the Japanese side came out on top, and they were once again the favorite this time. As the match unfolded, ZETA again triumphed over the SEA team, but not after delivering one of the most intensely competitive series in the history of Valorant.

ZETA Division Pacific LCQ

Credit: Riot Games

ZETA Division Scrape Past RRQ

The first map, Haven, was a sweep by the Indonesian team. Continuing their dominant form from the previous match, RRQ stomped past the Japanese team, securing a resounding victory with a score of 13-3.

After a strong start on the following map, the SEA Giants appeared to be on track for the upper bracket finals, leading with a score of 4-0. However, TENNN and Co turned the tide of the game masterfully and barely gave any chance to RRQ after that initial success. TENNN's consistent and impactful performance on Raze was pivotal in securing this map win for ZETA Division, with a final score of 13-8.

Approaching the third and decider map, it looked like anyone’s game.  The Japanese side established a solid lead in the first half on Ascent. However, Ascent's notorious favoritism towards the defense side presented an opportunity for RRQ to stage a comeback, winning six consecutive rounds and regaining control. 

The match eventually extended into overtime, transforming into a slugfest between the two teams. Following 40 rounds of relentless Valorant, ZETA Division ultimately emerged triumphant over RRQ in the 8th overtime, etching this epic showdown as one of the longest maps in the history of VCT.

With this win, ZETA is bound for the winner's final, where they will face the winner of Team Secret vs GEN.G. RRQ, on the other hand, find themselves in the lower bracket as they await the loser of that matchup.

Dep Sets New LAN Kill Record

In the decisive final map on Ascent, ZETA's Dep achieved the remarkable feat of breaking the record for the highest number of kills on a LAN event. Dep dropped the 40-bomb and closed out the series in style with a 1v2 clutch. In the end, his tally of kills reached an astounding 42, surpassing the previous record set just five days prior in the Ascension EMEA by Nathan “nataNk” Bocqueho from Acend.

Most Kills on LAN

  1. 42 – Yuuma “Dep” Hisamoto (ZETA Division)
  2. 40 – Nathan “nataNk” Bocqueho (Acend)
  3. 39 – Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha (Global Esports)
  4. 38 – David “xffero” Monangin (Boom Esports)

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Zeta Division’s Dep Breaks Valorant LAN Kill Record During Pacific LCQ
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