Yatoro Reacts to DPC Cancellation: “I Think…..”

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Yatoro Reacts to DPC Cancellation: “I Think…..”

Team Spirit ace Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk revealed what he thinks about Valve’s decision to discontinue the DPC

Team Spirit's key player, Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, expressed his perspective on Valve's choice to do away with the DPC system. He openly discussed his views during a recent livestream, delving into his thoughts on why Valve made this decision.

What Did Yatoro Say About Valve Cancelling the DPC?

The two-time TI champion openly criticized the decision to scrap the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). He claimed that Valve shifted back to relying on third-party tournaments because they spent too much on the league format.

Yatoro Reacts to DPC Cancellation: “I Think…..”

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While streaming, one of Yatoro's viewers asked for his take on the replacement for the DPC system. As per Dota2.net's transcript, Yatoro didn't beat around the bush, bluntly stating he believes it’s total garbage.

Yatoro thinks the old DPC format, where top-tier teams played first and others between the DPC and majors, was better. He believes Valve should've just made it better instead of changing it.

The updated format hands over control to third-party tournament organizers, including ESL, PGL, WePlay, and many others that run events consistently throughout the year. These tournaments will determine a team's ranking across the year.

Yatoro's major complaint centered on Valve's big spending in the DPC. He mentioned Valve shelling out a hefty six million dollars each year for the DPC, hinting that this lavish expenditure might have led to scrapping the old system.

The Ukrainian suggested that Valve's push to elevate the prize money and arrange extra majors could be linked to why they ended the earlier DPC format. In his words, “I think they didn't care enough to *** that money, so they shut it down.”

Why did Valve Cancel the DPC?

Valve declared the end of the DPC on September 14, 2023. With the Dota Pro Circuit standing as the only official league, third-party event organizers encountered difficulties in slotting their tournaments into the yearly schedule. Valve said, “By existing as the only official league, the DPC has a stranglehold on the event calendar for the year and what it's filled with.”

Valve's plan to end the DPC aimed to inspire more third-party event organizers to throw tournaments all year long, ultimately spicing up the game for viewers and making it more enjoyable to watch. The response to this decision has been predictably varied. While some are hopeful about the future of pro-Dota 2, Yatoro and numerous others have raised their concerns.

Yatoro Reacts to DPC Cancellation: “I Think…..”
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