YapzOr Highlights Lack Of Leadership At OG

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YapzOr Highlights Lack Of Leadership At OG

Former Team Secret support player Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat believes the lack of a strong voice in the team is hurting OG’s DPC season 

In stark contrast to last year, OG's DPC performance this year has been rather lackluster. Instead of dominating the scene, they seem to be just an average contender in the fiercely competitive Western European (WEU) Division 1. Despite showing improvement in Tour 2, their performance in Tour 3 has once again fallen short. Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat, an ex-Team Secret support player, recently joined Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski's live stream to shed light on the reasons behind OG's struggles this year.

While commentating on Gorgc's livestream for the DPC series featuring OG and Team Liquid, the Jordanian drew attention to a significant aspect: the team's lack of a “strong voice.” feel like OG are missing a strong voice,” the 28-year-old said. 

Echoing YapzOr's opinion, Gorgc highlighted the lack of teamwork displayed by OG's two young carry players, despite their impressive individual capabilities. Gorgc emphasized the need for better collaboration between them.

“Yeah, I think after watching OG for a while, I think Yuragi and bzm are top-tier for sure. They are like – Quinn dyrachyo level or miCKe Nisha level type of good, I think. They won a Major last year, they are really good but lately, lacking a little bit of synergy in their team, I guess.”

During the Twitch chat discussion, someone mentioned ATF and Ceb's involvement in OG's Major wins. YapzOr, in response, reinforced his earlier statement by emphasizing how these players had been crucial in driving the team forward and creating a strong sense of cohesion within the team.

“I mean, that’s kind of what I mean. I don’t know how common knowledge this is but it should be at this amount that Ammar was a very strong voice for this team. He had these f**kers under control. If it wasn’t him, it was Ceb. If it wasn’t Ceb, it was both of them, you know what I mean. But it’s now just they are in a pub, here and there.”

As OG faced a setback in the first game of the series against Liquid, Gorgc said that the team’s troubles cannot be solely contributed to a lack of strong leadership. He pointed out the  ESL One Malaysia 2022 champions’ questionable hero picks of late. 

“Me looking at these heroes, not just the strong voice shit, their hero ideas are wrong right now if these are the heroes they are prioritizing over Mag, Techies, Lich, Bloodseeker, I don’t know dude. That does not seem to be the play.”

OG occupy the sixth spot on the Tour 3 points table at the moment, sharing the position with D1 Hustlers. Having secured only one win from four series, it has been a challenging ride for the team without the services of the ever-reliable Tommy “Taiga” Le in the first three series. Considering their previous ability to mount comebacks, nevertheless, there remains a possibility for OG to reverse their fortunes in the remaining matches.

YapzOr Highlights Lack Of Leadership At OG
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