Xavier Geitz
Xavier Geitz

Yacine joins Guild Esports’ active roster for VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier

Yacine is back at Guild Esports and on the active roster for LCQ.
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Guild Esports is making some last-minute roster changeups before the EMEA LCQ and has brought back Yacine.

Yacine will be replacing Russ, who has moved to the inactive roster. Guild Esports had a disappointing showing at Master Copenhagen, with Russ having had the weakest performance on the team. He has announced that he will be taking a break until after Champions.

Yacine was one of the original Valorant players for Guild Esports until he was released late last year. Recently, he's been a strong competitor for Team Finest. Team Finest did very well in VRL 2022 Northern Europe: Polaris Stage Two, placing second after Excel. Despite the loss, Yacine had one of the best performances in the tournament.

The EMEA Last Chance Qualifiers kick off on August 7 and will run until August 15. Tune in to see if Yacine can pull off a triumphant return to Guild Esports and help secure them the last spot for Champions.

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