xQc Responds to “Ghosting” Controversy: The Inside Story of His Failed Esports Acquisition

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xQc Responds to “Ghosting” Controversy: The Inside Story of His Failed Esports Acquisition

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel responds to allegations of ghosting Turtle Troops after promise of acquisition amidst intense backlash

Popular content creator xQc was rumored to enter the Valorant scene by signing free-agent team Turtle Troop during the NA VCL: Split 1. If the signing occurred, xQc would have been the third steamer to own a professional Valorant team after Ludwig and MoistCr1TiKaL.


Credit: xQc

However, after a month of speculation, the deal seemed to fall through. Turtle Troop player Peter “Governor” No has confirmed in his stream that no deal could be agreed upon between the parties and that xQc has “ghosted” them. “This guy let us on. For a month straight,” said the player when asked about the situation. “We had term sheets signed and everything, but then he like backed out last second and ghosted us.”

Amidst all the backlash, xQc responded to the allegations in his own stream. The Canadian cited several reasons for failing to get the deal done. For example, he did not agree with the players to keep the roster unchanged. He also had other issues he could not say publicly that held him back.

As for the “ghosting” allegations, the streamer shared his side of the story while admitting a lack of communication. “There was a lot happening. I just kinda got blindsided and embarrassed. But at the end, I understand that in that amount of time, I definitely should have communicated more,” said the streamer.

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Now, Matthew “WeDid” Suchan from Turtle Troop has taken to Twitter and shared his 2 cents on the whole controversy. The player claimed that not qualifying for the playoffs had nothing to do with the failed acquisition. The signing did not go through solely because xQc backed out. “really s***ty thing to constantly read that we should've just won or that we should've made playoffs,” the tweet said.